Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 5 Patch Notes [Official] – July 15, 2021

Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 5 (July 15, 2021) is now rolling out for PC players. According to the official Baldurs Gate 3 update 5 patch notes, the latest update added major new features and improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with new features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Baldur Gate 3 patch 5 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Baldurs Gate 3 Patch Notes (July 15, 2021)

  • Added new scenes expanding on Shadowheart’s mysterious artefact.
  • Added new recruitment scenes with Shadowheart.
  • Additional reactivity from Shadowheart when she approves of you.
  • Added Background Goals – Now every character will have their own series of secret miniquests based on their Background and for each you complete you’ll receive an Inspiration Point up to a maximum of 4.
  • Added new camp scene with Scratch and the owlbear cub.
  • Added Point and Click character responses.
  • Added 12 new magic items in loot and quest rewards.
  • Revised active roll UI during dialogue. This includes improved displaying of bonuses and double dice for rolling with Advantage or Disadvantage.
  • You can now use spells and items to increase chances when rolling during dialogue (including your companions’ spells and items).
  • Picking locks and disarming traps are now active rolls.
  • Added a new Disengage action that allows you to avoid provoking Attacks of Opportunity.
  • Adding an item during Bartering will automatically equalise the gold on both sides.
  • Added a way to cancel concentration from the concentration indicator.
  • You can now pin most tooltips to hover over additional terms… for more tooltips.
  • Increased the line limit in the dialogue history window.
  • You can now save while leveling up.
  • Added unique visual effects for class-specific spells.
  • Added new icons for spells, statuses and items.
  • Added dozens of new interactable items, expanding on the lore and background of the world.
  • Revamped visuals for spells used by multiple classes to create more cohesion with Class-specific spells.
  • Properly indicate when an action is fully free (does not count as a full or bonus action in combat).
  • Added a tooltip for surfaces in combat log entries.
  • Added better feedback on saving throws.
  • Added feedback to clarify why casting a spell at a target is impossible.
  • NPCs have new reactions when they’re unable to talk to you.
  • Updated assorted spell, item, status, and book descriptions.
  • Cinematics
    -Cinematic character emotions.
    -Camera choice and motion.
    -Cinematic VFX.
    -Improved cinematic motion when characters look around.
    -Improved cinematic behaviour involving objects.
    -Introduced a cinematic visual for ‘The Mark of the Absolute’.
  • Animations
    -Updated Worg model and its climbing animations.
    -Added Crab and Spider climbing animations.
    -Added Stave animations for Goblins.
    -Improved Mind Flayer animations.
    -Improved Human running and idle animations.
  • Audio
    -Characters now have semi-procedural armour sounds during cinematics that follow their movements.
    -Creatures now have jumping vocalisations.
    -Added new ambient sounds and music to camps.
    -Explosions – bigger booms, louder braaams.
    -Impacts and gore – combat actions are more nuanced and represented much more ‘close-up’.
    -Item Destruction – all new debris system to increase realism.
    -Added sound feedback when Moon Puzzle is solved.
    -New UI sounds.
    -More detailed cinematic sounds.
    -Remastered Spell Vocals.
    -Multi Output – You can now choose your audio device to tailor a better audio experience.
    -Midnight Mode – A dedicated mix to avoid disturbing people around you.
  • Multiplayer
    -Added multiplayer support for local ready checks if other party members are not nearby.
    -A warning is now shown when trying to talk to another player’s followers.
    -Added additional feedback when connecting to a lobby.
    -You can now lock your inventory in a multiplayer game.
  • Users playing BG3 on an M1 machine now have the option to run the game at a higher performance via ARM64. Please be aware, ARM64 is not yet supported by Steam. Steam integration and cross-saves are currently only available via Rosetta.



  • Food can no longer be consumed for immediate healing. Instead, they provide Camp Supplies that are used to take a full long rest (it’s possible to take a partial long rest without using camp supplies that restores up to half of HP and resources).
  • Jumping now provokes Attacks of Opportunity.
  • Throwing distance is now influenced by the weight of the thrown object .
  • Shove distance is now based on the target’s weight and the caster’s Strength.
  • The Knock Out action has been removed. Instead, you can toggle a passive feature called Non-Lethal Attacks to enable the same effect for any melee attacks.
  • Encumbrance now has three levels of severity. Players at maximum encumbrance can no longer perform certain actions.
  • Backstabbing characters no longer provides Advantage on attack.
  • The Prone condition now inflicts disadvantage on Strength and Dexterity saving throws instead of imposing guaranteed failure.
  • Conjured familiars no longer leave blood when they are unsummoned.
  • Added XP rewards for achieving background goals.
  • Removed HP from light source objects.
  • The Hermit and Sailor backgrounds are taking a break.
  • Added Hellish Rebuke to Asmodeus Tieflings.
  • Dark One’s Blessing now provides at least 1 temporary HP.
  • Faerie Fire now ignores allies with the Sculpt Spells feature.
  • Shield Master can now be activated only once per turn.
  • Added an AC bonus to the Dual Wielder feat.
  • Druids in wild shapes can no longer cast verbal spells while Silenced.
  • Boars, Crabs, Intellect Devourers, and Spiders now react to non-damaging magic.
  • Spiders are no longer immune to fall damage.
  • Humanoid races and creatures now attack their target higher and lower depending on the terrain.
  • NPCs now keep an eye on players for a while after letting them go with a warning.
  • NPCs will no longer recognise you when shapeshifting after escaping prison, UNLESS there were witnesses.
  • Guard reinforcements can now include more than one guard.
  • NPCs now treat killing allied beasts the same as murdering one of their friends.
  • Knocked out NPCs will disappear after the next long rest.
  • ‘Us’ will now leave the party if attacked in its recruitment dialogue.
  • Flaming Sword can now be looted from Commander Zhalk.
Ravaged Beach
  • Shadowheart no longer enters combat with the Intellect Devourers if you don’t recruit her.
Overgrown Ruins
  • Increased XP when persuading the bandits at the chapel to leave.
  • Added XP reward for scaring the bandits outside the chapel.
  • Increased area in which player characters will join the cinematic of the skeletons rising in the chapel.
  • Added banters between Gimblebock and Taman.
Druid Grove
  • Made NPC behaviour more reactive during Wyll’s recruitment.
  • Improved wandering behaviour of the grove squirrel.
  • If any of the 5 druids performing the ritual die or become Silenced, druids will initiate their attack (no more sniping them!).
  • Druids won’t initiate their attack on the tieflings if they get into a combat against the harpy or other hostile creatures.
  • Harpies now start singing before combat starts.
Blighted Village
  • True Soul Edowin now immediately bleeds to death if Novices Andrick and Brynna are killed in one shot before the situation has been resolved.
  • Removed die roll to free Barcus Wroot if there’s no consequence for failure.
  • Barcus Wroot is now more insistent in his cries for help.
  • Added a player voice bark when returning to Owlbear Cave after certain conditions.
Goblin Camp
  • Added a new status effect as a reward for the Rite of Loviatar: When you have 30% or less hit points, you get +2 bonus on attack rolls and wisdom saving throws.
  • Backup Goblins for Goblin Checkpoint now have the ‘Slightly Drunk’ condition.
  • Provided sleeping drunkards with better behaviour if player avoids combat.
  • Added reactions to the Goblins if someone kills the Scrying Eye.
  • Novices Andrick and Brynna now have more dialogue reactivity in the Goblin Camp.
  • Made Gribbo more reactive to interruptions when following Volo to his cage . Gribbo now also follows Volo more closely.
  • Failing to get out of chains in certain ways will now inflict pain.
  • Completing the Rite of Loviatar no longer rewards Inspiration Points, but a unique status effect instead.
  • Priestess Gut can no longer detect invisible or stealthed characters during certain interactions.
  • Redistributed exploration XP.
  • Using Auntie Ethel’s charm grants all 6 effects from Enhanced Abilities until a long rest: Bear’s Endurance, Bear’s Strength, Cat’s Grace, Eagle’s Splendor, Fox’s Cunning, Owl’s Wisdom.
  • Visually improved the appearance and disappearance of Auntie Ethel’s doubles.
The Risen Road
  • The githyanki may now search Lae’zel’s corpse if she’s left behind and dies at the githyanki patrol.
  • After revealing Gekh and his allies, they will not start dialogue until you approach the raft (the same behaviour as when Gekh is hidden).
  • Reduced Baelen’s HP.
  • Items in the Whispering Depths hideout no longer trigger Web Sense.
  • Added Forced Rest after Goblin Celebration Victory.
  • The Talkative Skeleton can’t get knocked out anymore.
  • The Talkative Skeleton’s arrival appearance now plays for Silenced characters.
  • The Shadowheart ultimatum scene has been replaced with a new scene in the Goblin camp.
  • Tweaked Shadowheart’s acknowledgement of Selûne-worshipping players.



  • NPCs now have similar basic actions to those of the player.
    -Most Humanoids now have access to Dash, Jump, Throw, Shove.
    -Most other creatures now have access to Dash.
  • NPCs will now only use Slash and Smash once per fight.
  • NPCs now only receive weapon actions like Cleave and Slash if they’ve equipped the corresponding weapon.
  • Bugbears, Ogres, and certain Goblins now have ranged spells, allowing them to attack from range if nothing else is available.
  • When difficult terrain prevents an enemy from making a melee attack, it will try a ranged attack.
  • Disarmed characters now look for replacement weapons. Most NPCs have their own preferences.
  • AI now supports basic resource planning, allowing characters to better reason about spells that grant more resources (like Dash and Action Surge) .
  • AI now reasons better about effects that give bonuses to rolls.
  • AI now understands aura effects (e.g. Silence, Gale’s Necrotic aura, Flaming Sphere etc.).
  • AI now reasons better about overlapping crowd control statuses (e.g. casting Blind on a sleeping target).
  • AI is now less willing to damage allies to remove effects such as Sleep.
  • Less intelligent creatures (imps, beasts, etc.) will no longer destroy items for their secondary effects (e.g. destroying a barrel to cause an explosion to nearby enemies).
  • Added AI archetypes for Ogres and Zombies.
  • Adjusted how willing the AI is to target summons (more for beasts/creatures, less for humanoids).
  • AI now reasons better about the Prone condition and difficult terrain.
  • AI is now less biased towards targeting enemies it’s already attacked, or attacking a target that attacked them.
  • Gave certain NPC archers secondary melee weapons in case they get disarmed or cornered.
  • Rebalanced wolf companion attacks to be more in line with other companions.
  • NPCs can now throw healing potions at allies in order to heal them (if they have the Throw action).
  • Movement speed adjusted for certain NPC races to be consistent with player characters.
    -Dwarf, Gnome, Duergar, and Halfling Movement Speed reduced from 9 to 7.5 units.
    -Wood Elf Movement Speed reduced from 10.5 fto 9 units.
  • Enemies now use portals.
  • Added climbable cobwebs in the Abandoned Outpost and the Shattered Temple’s spider pit.
  • NPCs will now try to avoid electrified steam clouds.
  • Made candles and candelabras moveable where applicable.
  • Removed Multiattack from Minotaurs and all humanoids under level 5 It was a bit much.
  • AI now tries to avoid ending turns on ledges that may cause their feet to visually float off of the ground.
  • Added saving throw proficiencies for humanoid NPCs at level 4 and 6, as per player classes.
  • Adjusted Duergar’s Enlarge spell to be more consistent with the spell version.
  • Spider Infestation status no longer damages players in Spider Wildshape.
  • Fixed some enemies still being able to land critical hits – it’s the tutorial, come on.
  • Nautiloid Imps can no longer use their weapon skills.
Ravaged Beach
  • Tweaked unnatural-looking rubble around the starting beach.
  • The Stranded Fishers trying to dig out the mind flayer now have dedicated weapons (weaker, makeshift versions of a bow and crossbow).
Overgrown Ruins
  • Minor tweaks to the Bandits at the chapel exterior.
Druid Grove
  • Using Silence on a singing harpy will now make her stop singing.
  • Reduced the number of druids to fight when siding with the goblins in the Grove massacre.
  • Goblin Sappers now are actually slowed down by the barrels on their backs.
  • Made sure Mud Mephits aren’t actually afraid of mud.
Blighted Village
  • The tree no longer blocks projectiles.
  • Made the area around the Rooftops Ambush easier to navigate.
Goblin Camp
  • The Disheveled Chicken no longer forces sneaking characters to make Stealth checks.
  • Added holes for goblins to navigate the several levels of the Goblin Camp more easily.
  • Slightly increased the damage of the Coal Baskets in the Shattered Sanctum and added a knockback effect when the baskets fall.
  • Minthara’s area has been redecorated to suit new level design.
  • Slightly moved a vase in the Goblin Camp that was blocking war drums.
  • Reduced HP of the Shaky Metal Grate in the Worg Pens.
  • Priestess Gut will now only use her tadpoles power once per combat.
  • Priestess Gut no longer uses The Absolute’s Hand on a statue if it will fall on her.
  • You can now manually destroy the main room’s statues in Priestess Gut’s quarters.
Swamp Redcaps
  • Changed one of the Redcaps into a Blood Sage
  • Bloodlust changes:
    -Now costs 1 Action instead of a Bonus Action.
    -Now requires concentration.
    -Duration increased from 3 to 5 turns.
    -Can only be cast once per combat (was 4-6 Recharge).
  • Ironbound Pursuit changes:
    -Recharge now 6 (was 4-6).
    -Damage reduced from 3d10+4 to 3d8+4.
  • The Open Wounds Bleed effect of Redcap Blood Sages has been reduced from 4 rounds to 2 rounds. Now also flagged as a magical spell.
Owlbear Cave
  • You can now walk through the Owlbear’s broken eggs.
  • Owlbear should now get stuck in the level design a lot less.
  • Made the Owlbear encounter slightly easier.
The Risen Road
  • Increased the Dying Hyena’s HP from 5 to 7.
  • Increased the Healthy Hyena’s HP from 5 to 8.
  • Gnolls will not unnecessarily sheathe or unsheathe their weapons while casting spells anymore.
  • Improved navigation around the Flind’s combat area. You can now walk through viscera.
  • The Flind can now shoot a bow at its targets if she cannot reach them. She also has cool hair now.
  • Made navigation in the tollhouse easier by expanding the upper walkway, creating an opening in a wall, and making a platform climbable.
  • Added a firebowl rope, hinge, bowl to the tollhouse.
  • Changed pressure plate visuals in the trapped corridor in the Zhentarim Dungeon.
  • Increased HP for all Githyanki characters in the githyanki patrol.
  • Created Gith-specific weaponry & armor.
  • Gave Githyanki characters proficiency in their equipped weapons.
  • Removed Preserve Life from Gauntlet Dain.
  • Servants of Boooal
    -Reduced chance to apply Bleeding.
    -Bleeding duration reduced from 2 rounds to 1 round.
  • Various smaller tweaks and fixes to the myconid combats.
  • Revamped Myconid action distribution and names. It’s now easier to understand which Myconid does what in battle.
  • Reworked Gekh Coal’s Animate Dead spell to be more consistent with future spells and less bug prone.
  • Tweaked the Kuo Toa fight to make the encounter a bit easier and fixed a few minor issues.
  • Spectator will now cast Wounding Ray on Frightened targets.



  • Fixed a crash related to Minotaurs using a specific skill.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Harpy fight.
  • Fixed a crash when destroying a Nautiloid tank.
  • Fixed a crash related to loading a savegame that is still being downloaded through Cross Saves.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when shooting the brine bulbs on the Nautiloid.
  • Fixed a crash on startup on specific lower spec devices.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a savegame from character creation.
  • Fixed a crash when a player joins the host while loading a savegame.
  • Fixed a crash when knocking out specific characters with a shield equipped.
  • Fixed a crash when loading into the Beach crash site after escaping the Nautiloid
  • Companions now have accurate journal entries when they become hostile and leave the party.
  • Addressed an issue with Astarion not being killed / exiled after a certain camp night.
  • Fixed Astarion making certain comments while Downed.
  • Fixed a reflection dialogue about protecting Astarion from Gur Hunter not launching after the dialogue with the Hunter is over.
  • Fixed a reflection dialogue about Astarion not launching after a certain camp night.
  • Fixed Gale receiving extra XP when hired.
  • Fixed some dialogue and camp behaviour issues with Lae’zel related to her leaving the party at the githyanki patrol.
  • Fixed Lae’zel’s recruitment dialogue not starting after Nymessa and Damays failed to join a combat against the chapel bandits.
  • Shadowheart now reacts properly to Lae’zel in the druid grove.
  • Fixed an issue with Shadowheart being stuck after her recruitment at the beach.
  • When controlled by the AI, Shadowheart now properly uses her melee weapon and closes distance with enemies.
  • Fixed Wyll’s unconscious origin moments with Fezzerk.
  • Fixed Arrow of Fire and Alchemist’s Fire not burning spiderweb bridges.
  • Fixed Bless spell blessing everyone in range instead of the correct maximum amount of targets.
  • Fixed being able to cast Charm Person on yourself.
  • Fixed not being able to cast Charm Person Level 2 directly at allies (the AOE will still not target allies).
  • Fixed Create Water spell granted by Rain Dancer weapon counting towards prepared spells limit.
  • Fixed Aberrant Shape’s Devour Intellect spell not applying stun and reducing Intelligence correctly.
  • Fixed Dragon’s Grasp not dealing additional damage to burning targets.
  • Fixed a variety of broken NPC Ensnaring Strike actions across the game.
  • Flaming Sphere can no longer climb ladders.
  • Fixed Flaming Sphere not always applying area damage correctly.
  • Fixed being able to target yourself with Friends spell.
  • Fixed condition from Guiding Bolt spell not being removed by offhand attacks.
  • Fixed Warding Flare activating only once per turn.
  • Fixed Aberrant Shape for Moon Druids.
  • Fixed Ash surface igniting flammable surfaces on touch.
  • Fixed not being able to move some crates.
  • Fixed being able to eat some buckets.
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to shove characters into deep chasms due to angle limit.
  • Fixed dual wielding using the same attack roll for both attacks.
  • Sneak Attack now requires a Finesse weapon in the main hand.
  • Fixed being able to still perform actions after having ended your shared turn.
  • Fixed certain dialogues being skipped abruptly in multiplayer.
  • The Great Weapon Master feature no longer triggers on a critical miss.
  • Fixed effects sometimes not being applied properly to characters in a certain state (like Prone).
  • Murdering NPCs out of combat again has appropriate consequences.
  • Added new journal updates for Halsin’s subquests to fix the quest ending prematurely or reaching a dead end.
  • Restored missing Fey Ancestry for Drow NPCs.
  • Gave Drow NPCs their intended armor visual sets.
  • Fixed savegames with specific characters not showing up in the savegame list.
  • Fixed lootable objects from other floors being highlighted when pressing ALT.
  • Fixed the ‘end force turn-based mode’ button sometimes not working correctly.
  • Fixed jumping down to a party member sometimes dealing massive damage.
  • Fixed NPCs not using Dash anymore after being proned in combat.
  • Fixed rare issue with combat getting stuck due to attack of opportunity.
  • Fixed other players getting kicked out of the level-up screen if another player starts force turn-based mode.
  • Fixed enemies not getting surprised status correctly when attacking from stealth.
  • Fixed ‘Invalid Target’ message when trying to throw specific items like barrels or dead bodies.
  • Fixed landing animations on damaging jumps that do not knock you down.
  • Fixed not being able to resurrect correctly when selecting a target location.
  • Fixed NPCs not trying to stop you when escaping prison.
  • Fixed trajectory preview when trying to shove heavy targets.
  • Fixed unintended AI bias towards targets with lower HP. Some enemies will still pursue killing blows, but any bias towards lower HP targets outside of killing blow range was unintended.
  • Fixed characters on the edge of moving platforms sliding and sometimes falling off.
  • Fixed revived characters not triggering Attack of Opportunity anymore.
  • Fixed certain NPCs losing their signature spells after loading a savegame.
  • Fixed being able to pick up items that are too heavy by using Alt+click.
  • Fixed inventory weight not updating correctly after consuming an item.
  • Fixed Prone characters skipping their turns when stuck in certain surfaces that affect their movement.
  • Fixed thrown items not doing impact damage in certain conditions.
  • Fixed incorrect climbing animations for clients in multiplayer.
  • Fixed certain animations not playing for clients in multiplayer if latency was too high.
  • Fixed eyewitness reactions to murdering a guard still occuring when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed several passive skill rolls (Harper’s Stash, Goblin’s Ambush, Selune’s secret shrine, Injured Drow, Tree Stash).
  • Fixed some stat inconsistencies with bugbears.
  • Fixed issues with NPCs sometimes not reacting to using forbidden items.
  • Fixed the examine window breaking when the player’s Wisdom is low.
  • Fixed Multiplayer Lobby still showing player icon after they get kicked from reducing slot count.
  • Characters should now properly avoid Enchanted Vines surface.
  • Fixed visuals for Goblin Short Bow.
  • Fixed a general spellcasting animation issue.
  • Fixed items not being confiscated correctly when a player is arrested.
  • Fixed combat AI sometimes trying to heal their friends if they are immune to healing (e.g. zombies).
  • Disarming a tripwire next to a rolling boulder trap no longer triggers it.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would wait for excessively long if it failed to find a valid action to execute.
  • Fixed various issues with NPC wildshapes.
  • Skeletons are no longer in a celebratory mood when emerging from coffins.
  • Fixed a traversal bug near Us by tweaking level design.
  • Fixed combat fallback dialogue for Us / Intellect Devourers.
  • Lae’zel no longer tries to jump down on the Nautiloid if she’s dead.
  • Fixed the Mind Flayer on the Nautiloid talking before actually attacking.
Overgrown Ruins
  • Soul coins are now properly placed in the Chapel and no longer have the ‘Story Item’ property.
  • Attacking Nymessa, Damays, or any of the bandits outside of the chapel now properly ends their dialogues and starts combat.
Druid Grove
  • Fixed Mud Mephits sometimes not using their spells.
  • Sleeping bear in the Grove should now face the right way when sleeping.
  • Nettie’s dialogue about poison now triggers normally if the player enters her room wildshaped.
  • Fixed Topaz moving its coin out of its nest and thinking the coin was gone.
  • Fixed NPCs trying to path through the gate of the Grove when terrified.
  • Fixed issue with Sazza not reacting to the death of her captors.
  • Fixed some druids ignoring invisibility statuses on players.
  • Fixed issue where the Robbed Adventurer dialogue ended prematurely if the guard was too far away.
  • Fixed an issue with Mattis thinking you bought something when you actually sold him something.
  • Fixed an issue where Grove characters would be part of combats they weren’t supposed to participate in.
  • Fixed dialogue options for Tiefling Warlocks in Wyll’s recruitment dialogue.
  • Fixed issue at the Plea at the Gates where Wyll would take too long to end his turns.
Blighted Village
  • Novices Andrick and Brynna now leave as intended after the encounter.
  • In the encounter with Novices Andrick and Brynna, the Medicine ability check now correctly uses Wisdom instead of Intelligence.
  • Ogres now wield their intended weapons and correctly use Strength to throw things (instead of Dexterity).
  • Fixed Tracker Dullwill’s dialogue hostile reactivity.
  • Fixed Owlbear not gaining the Enraged status during combat.
Goblin Camp
  • Fixed issue with the goblin scouts not being able to talk to Sazza.
  • Brakkal won’t run away through walls anymore, and the interaction with him through walls themselves is made easier.
  • Goblins now only say “someone let crawlies out’ if you actually let crawlies (spiders) out.
  • Fixed spiders in Spider Nest ignoring combats around them even when they can easily reach those combats.
  • Fixed Happy Torturers torture scene starting even when both Spike and his assistant have run away to their battlestations.
  • Liam will no longer run away while unconscious.
  • Fixed Bosk not checking if Volo is still alive and present.
  • Fixed the dead adventurer’s corpse being inaccessible while fighting the goblin kids.
  • Fixed Crusher’s storytelling dialogue to include his friend goblins correctly.
  • Fixed Redcaps not looking like themselves after they are revealed.
  • Addressed an issue with Mayrina’s cage that would block targeted spells.
  • Fixed issue with Redcap’s bloodlust that sometimes caused them to skip their own turns.
The Risen Road
  • Fixed a newborn gnoll appearing next to a dead hyena after succeeding to kill it inside the womb.
  • Conversations with Anders are no longer interrupted when another player enters the house.
  • Fixed Anders’ Cleric spells (removed Trip Attack).
  • Raphael will no longer appear in camp immediately after abandoning Lae’zel at the githyanki patrol.
  • You can now only mention Nymessa and Damays in the githyanki patrol if you met them in Lae’zel’s recruitment.
Waukeen’s Rest
  • Fixed frightened oxen in Waukeen’s Rest being significantly offset in their dialogue.
  • Fixed backdraft when opening the room in which Benryn is trapped.
  • Adjusted a hatch in the Zhentarim storeroom that was floating above the ground.
  • Glut now correctly follows players in the Kua-Toa area of Underdark.
  • Fixed the raft encounter not starting if the player is invisible.
  • Fixed some minor issues and inconsistencies in the Gekh Coal encounter.
  • Fixed several issues with the Automaton’s spell usage in combat.

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