Baldur’s Gate 3 Currently Syncing Error: How to Fix

Have you tried playing Baldur’s Gate 3 only to be met with a “currently syncing” message that doesn’t seem to go away? This frustrating error prevents you from playing the game and can happen for a few different reasons.

The good news is that in most cases, this problem can be fixed with a few simple troubleshooting steps. This article will explain common causes of the Baldur’s Gate 3 currently syncing error and walk you through solutions to get your game back up and running.

What Does “Currently Syncing” Mean in BG3?

The “currently syncing” message in Baldur’s Gate 3 relates to how save data is stored and synced with Steam’s cloud servers.

Steam’s cloud sync allows you to continue playing Baldur’s Gate 3 seamlessly on different devices. When you save your game, that data gets “synced” or uploaded to Steam’s online cloud servers.

The next time you go to play, Baldur’s Gate 3 will download the latest save from the cloud so you can pick up right where you left off.

The “currently syncing” message indicates there is a problem with this syncing process. The game is unable to properly upload or download save data from the cloud.

This could be due to an issue on Steam’s end, your internet connection, or something on your computer. The good news is this problem can usually be resolved with a bit of troubleshooting.

Why is My Game Getting Stuck Syncing?

There are a few common culprits that can cause the “currently syncing” message in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Steam Server Issues

Sometimes there may be a temporary problem on Steam’s end that is preventing proper cloud syncing. Server maintenance or an outage could disrupt the syncing process. Check Steam’s server status page to see if they are reporting any known issues.

Internet Connection Problems

Syncing requires a stable internet connection. Connection drops, latency issues, or using a VPN can all interrupt the sync process. Restarting your modem/router and computer may help resolve any temporary connection problems.

Hard Drive Errors

If there is a problem reading or writing save data on your hard drive, it could cause the syncing process to hang. Hard drive errors can happen as a drive ages. Clearing up disk space or defragmenting the drive may help.

Software Conflicts

Other applications running in the background, especially those that modify or interfere with internet traffic, could disrupt Baldur’s Gate 3 connecting to Steam’s servers. Try closing other programs while playing the game.

Corrupted Game Files

Sometimes errors or conflicts within Baldur’s Gate 3’s files themselves lead to problems syncing data. Verifying the integrity of game files can uncover and automatically fix corrupted data.

Now that you know what causes the “currently syncing” message, here are some step-by-step solutions to fix it…

How to fix Baldur’s Gate 3 Currently Syncing Issues

Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve Baldur’s Gate 3 getting stuck on “currently syncing”:

1. Check Steam Server Status

First, visit Steam’s server status page to check for any service issues:

See if Steam is reporting any problems related to Cloud Sync or other services that could impact connecting to their servers.

If there are no reported issues, the problem likely lies elsewhere. Proceed to the next step.

2. Restart Your Network Devices

Temporary internet connection problems can prevent proper syncing. Try restarting your modem, router, and computer to refresh network connections.

Steps to restart devices:

  • Modem: Locate the power button on your modem and press to turn off. Unplug the power cable for 60 seconds. Plug back in and power on.
  • Router: Find the power or reset button on your router and press and hold for 10-15 seconds until lights turn off. Let go and allow the router to restart.
  • Computer: Click the Start menu in Windows and select “Restart”. Or on Mac, go Apple menu > Restart.

After allowing all devices to fully restart, launch Steam and try Baldur’s Gate 3 again to see if it syncs.

3. Verify Integrity of Game Files

Corrupted data or errors within Baldur’s Gate 3’s files can prevent proper syncing. Use Steam’s built-in tool to verify game file integrity and fix any issues.

Follow these steps:

  1. In your Steam library, right-click on Baldur’s Gate 3 and select Properties
  2. Go to the Local Files tab and click “Verify Integrity of Game Files”
  3. Steam will scan files and automatically re-download any missing or corrupt data

Once complete, restart Steam and check if Baldur’s Gate 3 loads without the stuck syncing message.

4. Disable Background Programs

Other applications running in the background can sometimes interfere with games connecting to online services like Steam.

Try closing any other programs on your computer while attempting to play Baldur’s Gate 3. This includes programs that run in the system tray or notification area.

Some examples to disable:

  • VPN clients
  • Remote desktop software
  • Overlay apps like Discord
  • Antivirus or security suites
  • Media programs
  • Browsers and browser tabs

Basically, close any extra apps you don’t need to run Baldur’s Gate 3 itself. With other software disabled, see if the game syncs properly.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall the Game

If you’ve tried the other troubleshooting steps without success, completely uninstalling and reinstalling Baldur’s Gate 3 may resolve persistent syncing issues.

Follow these instructions to uninstall and reinstall:

Uninstall Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. In Steam, right-click Baldur’s Gate 3 and select Uninstall
  2. In the pop-up confirmation, click Uninstall again
  3. Wait for Steam to fully uninstall the game

Reinstall Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. In your Steam library, click Install on Baldur’s Gate 3
  2. Steam will re-download the full game files
  3. Wait for download and installation to fully complete

Now try launching Baldur’s Gate 3 again. The fresh install may have resolved the syncing issue.

Tips to Avoid “Currently Syncing” Errors

Beyond troubleshooting solutions, here are some tips to prevent Baldur’s Gate 3 sync problems in the first place:

  • Keep your computer up to date – Use the latest OS version and update games/software regularly to avoid conflicts.
  • Don’t overload your hard drive – Leave 15-20% free space to prevent disk errors interrupting sync.
  • Use a wired internet connection – Wired connections are faster and more reliable for real-time game syncing.
  • Verify game files before playing – Periodically use Steam’s verify tool to check for corruption issues.
  • Disable VPN clients – VPNs can interfere with Steam’s connection, disable while playing games.
  • Clear download cache – If downloads get stuck, clearing Steam’s download cache can help.
  • Power cycle network devices – If connections seem slow, restarting your modem and router can help.

Contact Baldur’s Gate 3 Support

If you still see the “currently syncing” message after trying all troubleshooting steps, your best option is to contact the developer for further help.

You can submit a support ticket to Larian Studios here:

In your ticket, explain the problem and what troubleshooting you’ve tried. Include any details like your computer specs, OS version, and any error messages.

Larian support can investigate further and provide specialized help getting your game sync working again.

Following these tips, along with the troubleshooting steps outlined above, should prevent and resolve most Baldur’s Gate 3 syncing errors so you can get back to enjoying the game!

FAQ – August 3, 2023

Why is BG3 syncing?

The “currently syncing” message indicates Baldur’s Gate 3 is trying to sync save data with Steam’s cloud servers. This process allows you to resume playing where you left off when switching devices. Sync issues typically mean there is a problem with the connection that is interrupting the sync process.

How long does it take for BG3 to sync?

Syncing should only take a few seconds and be seamless in the background. If it stays stuck more than a minute or so, that indicates a problem. Try fully restarting your PC and router to refresh connections.

What can I do if Baldur’s Gate 3 is not syncing?

Start troubleshooting by verifying game files, restarting network devices, checking Steam server status, closing background apps, and reinstalling the game. If issues persist, contact Baldur’s Gate 3 support for specialized help.

How do I verify the integrity of my BG3 game files?

In Steam, right-click Baldur’s Gate 3, select Properties, go to Local Files, and click “Verify Integrity of Game Files”. Steam will scan all files and fix any errors.

How do I uninstall and reinstall BG3?

In Steam, right-click Baldur’s Gate 3 and select Uninstall. Confirm by clicking Uninstall again. Once it completes, click Install on Baldur’s Gate 3 in your library to re-download a fresh copy.


Being stuck with the “currently syncing” message can be frustrating, but this issue can usually be resolved with a bit of patience and troubleshooting.

Check Steam server status, restart devices, verify game files, disable background apps, and reinstall as needed. Contact support if problems persist.

Keeping software updated, maintaining your PC properly, and using wired internet when possible can help minimize sync issues going forward.

With the right fixes, you’ll be adventuring in Baldur’s Gate 3 properly in no time! Let us know if this guide helps get your game sync working again.

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