Baba Is You Update 450 Patch Notes (Official) – December 31, 2021

    A new Baba Is You update 450 is now available to download. According to the official Baba Is You patch notes, the latest update added a new level in Familiar lands, addressed various Write & IS-related interaction bugs and much motes.

    Apart from this, today’s Baba Is You patch 450 also includes performance improvements. Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements.

    Read more details below.

    Baba Is You Version 450 Patch Notes – December 31, 2021

    Version 450:

    • New level in Familiar Lands!
    • Fixed various Write & Is -related interaction bugs
    • Fixed | not showing in the hand-drawn font
    • Added Write properly into the editor
    • Fixed the F4 commands being able to detect words redacted from the object list
    • Fixed a small visual glitch in the main game
    • Modding: added MF_buttonclicked(name) – returns true if a GUI button is clicked
    • Modding: added buttonclicked(name) – when a GUI button is clicked, the game can run custom functions if there’s an entry for the button in the table buttonclick_list (found in modsupport.lua)

    Levels adjusted:

    • Skull Pile
    • Parakeet Bouncer
    • Forage

    Download free Baba Is You patch 450 from Steam.

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