Automobilista 2 Update Patch Notes – October 30, 2021

Automobilista 2 update (Oct 30, 2021) is now available to download on PC. According to the official Automobilista 2 patch notes, the latest update added fixes and improvements.


Previously, a major update was released with various fixes for crashes and more. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing issues since the last major patch.

Today’s Automobilista 2 patch will address a few of these errors. Read more details below.


Automobilista 2 Patch Notes – October 30, 2021

  • Fixed incorrect environment values on session results screen
  • Updated recent historic weather data for all other locations
  • Made ICM Value adjustment inputs continuous
  • Explicitly display ‘NO’ when a vehicle has no factory fitted electronic aids
  • Removed ‘Sync to Race’ weather progression and replaced with ‘Real Time’ as default option in Test Day
  • Changed replay fast forward rewind speed steps and added UI indicator of current speed
  • Added an on screen message when mandatory pit window opens
  • Fixed incorrect weather dates used for custom championship pre-race sessions.
  • Minor tire tread adjustments to Porsche Cup, F-Classics Gen1 & 2, Group C, F-V10 Gen1, F-Reiza Opala 1986 / Omega 1999 Stock Cars
  • Further crankshaft mass fine-tuning to Group C, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10, F-Reiza
  • Further revised slick tread sensitiveness to water to minimise chances of tires becoming unusable past a certain threshold of saturation
  • Minor adjustments to diffuser center of pressure in all F-Classics, F-V10 Gen1 & Mclaren MP4-12
  • Group C: Minor adjustments to default diff coast ramps on both cars; Fixed Sauber C9 clutch slipping on upshifts
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to AI lifting in straights for very tiny invisible amounts of surface water
  • Adjusted AI puddle lifting logic to better account for puddle depth
  • Fixed an issue where some vehicles wouldn’t receive blue flags in some specific places (Curitiba main straight for example)
  • Fixed some AI vehicles would enter hotlap behaviour as soon as they left pits in qualy/practice instead of entering outlap behaviour
  • Made AI work harder to avoid the passing cars lane under blue flag conditions
  • Increased distance AI cars under blue flag will factor cars behind to move out of the way
  • Velocitta: AI tweaks (less apex grass trimming and sausage surfing)
  • Velocitta: Fixed hole in grass, uneven terrain under garage tents leading to cars; cleaned up garage positions
  • Spa 1993: Revised track cut limits at bus stop chicane. Remove grass crete at 2nd apex
  • Long Beach: Added new csm wall (fixing sidewalk curb at pit lane exit causing strange collision)
  • Snetterton: Fixed strange pit wall collision; TSO lod pass; Reduced armco shimmering; Enabled start lights
  • Brands Hatch: Fixed strange pit wall collision
  • Fixed latitude/longitude of Nordschleife & Londrina resulting in slightly innacurate Real Weather data
  • BMW M3 E30: Fixed internal windscreen banner for cars #57 #58
  • Metalmoro MRX P4: Added 6 new liveries

Download free Automobilista 2 update for PC.