Automation – The Car Company Tycoon Game Update Patch Notes

Automation – The Car Company Tycoon Game update (January 11, 2022) is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Automation game patch notes, the latest update added a lot of improvements to the turbo calculations and mechanics.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Automation – The Car Company Tycoon Game game patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in today’s Automation Game January 11 Update Patch Notes?

Turbo Fixes & Improvements
  • Revised turbo spooling characteristics, giving more realistic spool curves
  • Implemented granular surge and mechanical stress models to turbos instead of being on/off
  • Added cumulative surge and mechanical stress info into compressor map
  • Turbo headers now affect temperature resistance and wastegate flow before boost creep
  • Turbo quality now affects temperature resistance of turbos
  • Fixed numeric stability issues in the turbo calculations
  • Fixed a calculation issue with having an intercooler that is too small for the required flow
  • Fixed calculation bug with having no intercooler
General Fixes
  • Fixed the biggest sources of reported crashes with several fixes
  • Fixed crash caused by texture fixtures
  • Fixed game game crashing when changing trims too quickly
  • Potentially fixed instance of “fixture nuking” in connection with changing photoscenes
  • Fixed cloning a trim not making a trim slot in some instances, causing cars to be broken
  • Fixed inconsistency with landing position in model selection when reentering the page
  • Fixed instance of infinite loading icon in the car designer
  • Fixed changes to settings not applying and resetting to default values
  • Fixed graphs flickering their data while scrubbing with the mouse
  • Huge performance improvements to car & engine managers & car body selection UI
  • Added missing material cost dependency for all quality sliders
  • Fixed issues with family quality not affecting ET, PU, and M$
  • Fixed car parts that need a factory addon pointing to engine factory magnesium works
  • Fixed mid transverse unlocking in 1920 instead of 1962
  • Fixed ignition timing not updating calculations
  • Fixed issue with VVL unlocking based on family year instead of variant year
  • Fixed tire profile calculation inconsistencies
  • Fixed engine fill factor not showing
Art & Design Changes
  • Added brake caliper rotation to advanced trim aesthetics
  • Added wheel size matching buttons to wheel sections of advanced trim aesthetics
  • Added mirror / locked icons to spawned fixture UI & improved fixture UI layout
  • Added option for 1- or 2-wide spawned-fixture list, with optional fixture indexing
  • Added lock fixture hotkey
  • Fixed poor performance of 10s design room
  • Fixed DCOE race heads inconsistently spawning with airbox pieces
  • Fixed v60 MPFI/DI race throttle per cylinder missing trumpets
  • Fixed some incorrect airboxes loading when changing from turbo back to non turbo configs
  • Fixed paintable engine meshes to correctly support anisotropic materials
  • Fixed fixture glass materials appearing faceted when put on rounded surfaces
  • Fixed fixture glass materials not working nicely with ray-tracing
  • Fixed z-fighting and overlapping geometry on Rim 100U
  • Fixed dirt/wear values for car materials defaulting too high
  • Fixed exhaust lod material issues that caused header plates to flash between colors
  • Fixed double intakes spawning on 60 degree blocks with turbos and TpC
  • Fixed roof not being paintable on Stylish_SUV_09_ELWB_V5 body
  • Fixed fixture thumbnails sometimes having other fixtures in reflections
Modding Fixes
  • Fixed rim mods not appearing in game
  • Fixed SDK fixture thumbnail generator throwing warnings while simulating
  • Moved mod tools files that shouldn’t be directly editable into a sub-folder
  • Added fixture preview file naming convention settings to the SDK thumbnail generator
  • Added an option to skip duplicate GUID checking in the modding SDK
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