Atomic Heart Update 1.27 Patch Notes (

Atomic Heart update 1.27 (v1.14.4.0) is rolling out for PS4, PS5(version 1.027.000), PC, and Xbox. According to the official Atomic Heart 1.27 patch notes, the update introduces new accessibility features, achievements for the “Trapped in Limbo” DLC, and support for Ray Tracing on PC. Apart from this, the Atomic Heart patch 1.27 (1.027) includes numerous fixes for sound, text, gameplay, and stability issues.

Previously, a major Atomic Heart update 1.16 added Annihilation Instinct DLC. Unfortunately, since the Atomic Heart day 1 patch, players are facing bugs and issues with the game. The upcoming Atomic Heart update 1.28 will fix the remaining issues.

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Atomic Heart 1.27 Patch Notes (1.14.4) – June 11, 2024

Atomic Heart version 1.26 Patch Notes (
Atomic Heart version 1.26 Patch Notes (


Accessibility Features

  • Added colorblind modes: deuteranopia, protanopia, tritanopia.
  • Introduced special contrast mode.
  • Added black and white mode.
  • Highlighted various elements and objects.
  • Disabled camera shake.
  • Enabled auto Quick Time Events (QTE).
  • Puzzles auto-solve feature.
  • Auto-heal functionality.

Trapped in Limbo DLC 2 Achievements

  • Apple Pie 3826: Collect 3,826 apples.
  • Conservationist: Obtain a gold coin without shooting the Pchela.
  • The Casino Isn’t Always in the Black: Get all items from the slot machine.
  • Slashing Through the Limbo Waves: Complete the Plateau of Responsibility without dying.
  • Conqueror of Annapurna: Complete the Tower of Memory without dying.
  • Conqueror of Chomolungma: Complete the Cliff of Perseverance without dying.
  • Daring as a Bullet is Sharp: Complete the Avenue of Speed without dying.
  • Don’t Mess With the Major: Complete the DLC without dying.
  • Gold Rush: Collect 76 gold coins.
  • Overkill: Secret achievement.

Note: Some achievements may unlock automatically upon first launch after the update.

Main – PC Only

Ray Tracing Support (Beta)

  • Added in 3 modes: Performance, Quality, Balanced.
  • Requires a DXR-compatible graphics card with at least 12 GB memory.
  • Disables Fidelity FX Super Resolution when enabled.
  • Player character not reflected in mirrors when Ray Tracing is enabled.

Sound and Localization

  • Fixed missing sound/music in Annihilation Instinct DLC 1.
  • Corrected various text display issues in the main game and both DLCs.

Gameplay and Stability

  • Fixed rare freeze bug in BEA-D swarm separation in Annihilation Instinct DLC 1.
  • Resolved autosave loading crash in Annihilation Instinct DLC 1.
  • Highlighted disappearing platforms in Trapped in Limbo DLC 2 arena.
  • Adjusted apple rewards in the gun range in Trapped in Limbo DLC 2

Download the free Atomic Heart version 1.27 on PlayStation 4, PS5 Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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