Astroneer PS4 Update 1.18 Patch Notes (Automation Update 002)

    Astroneer PS4 update 1.18 patch notes released for players. According to the official Astroneer 1.18 patch notes, the latest Astroneer Automation Update 002 added new platforms, new switches, updated modules, and more. Apart from this, Astroneer patch 1.18 also includes stability and performance improvements.

    Previously, a big Automation update added a long list of bug fixes. A minor hotfix was also released recently.

    Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game. Today’s Astroneer version 1.18 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    What is new in Astroneer 1.18?


    New Items: we’ve expanded on the Automation Update with a bunch of new items to improve your production lines and support more complex activation logic.

    Power Switch: Toggles the flow through a single power line

    • Printed on: Small Printer
    • Resource Cost: 1 Copper
    • Byte Cost: 750

    Count Repeater: When activated a specified number of times, also activates any targeted items

    • Printed on: Small Printer
    • Resource Cost: 1 Zinc
    • Byte Cost: 1000

    Delay Repeater: When activated, also activates any targeted items after a specified delay

    • Printed on: Small Printer
    • Resource Cost: 1 Zinc
    • Byte Cost: 1000

    Motion Sensors: New Platforms that sense when a player or vehicle passes through them! Also the original sensor items have caught up with their newer siblings!

    Medium Sensor Arch: Activates targeted items when certain objects pass through its sensor zone

    • Printed on: Large Printer
    • Resource Cost: 1 Quartz, 1 Zinc
    • Byte Cost: 500

    XL Sensor Hoop A: Activates targeted items when certain objects pass through its sensor zone

    • Printed on: Large Printer
    • Resource Cost: 2 Quartz, 2 Zinc
    • Byte Cost: 750

    XL Sensor Hoop B: Activates targeted items when certain objects pass through its sensor zone

    • Printed on: Large Printer
    • Resource Cost: 1 Quartz, 3 Zinc
    • Byte Cost: 1000

    Medium Gas Canister: Hold 160 units of a single atmospheric resource

    • Printed on: Small Printer
    • Resource Cost: 1 Silicone, 1 Glass
    • Byte Cost: 2,000 Bytes

    Large Active Storage: A convertable storage unit with slots that can be activated via repeaters! Use this for your lightboard setups or anything else you can think up!

    Repeating Added to Production Modules Production modules can now be set to repeat via their control panels. When repeat is on, the module will continue to produce the selected recipe as long as it has power and the necessary ingredients.

    Modules that have this behavior:

    • Small, Medium, and Large Printers
    • Soil Centrifuge
    • Chemistry Lab
    • Atmospheric Condenser

    Improved Sensor/Repeater UI It’s now easier to visualize your sensor and repeater setups.

    • Targeting an item with a target pin, storage sensor, or battery sensor will now outline all items affected, not just the item directly targeted
    • Segment cables now show their activation flow when highlighted, and which segments are affected by removing a segment pin
    • Segment pins can no longer be placed when a segment is too long, to prevent accidental deletions. (You can still manually delete a held segment pin.)

    Updated Items

    • Resource Canisters will complete partial resources in output slot, even when mode is changed during dispensing.
    • Auto-arm settings can now be toggled even when unpowered
    • Animated sensor zone visuals
    • All reaction slots upgraded to include target pins
    • The recreational canopy’s built-in fireworks replaced with a reaction slot

    New item names

    • Large Ring Storage = Large Ring Sensors
    • Large Hoop Platform A/B = Large Hoop Sensor A/B
    • Extra Large Arch Platform = XL Arch Sensor
    • Recreational Canopy = XL Canopy Sensor

    UI Updates

    • Players are now able to rotate their Astroneer in the Customization menu and EXO Outfitters menu, both in and out of game.

    Dedicated Server Updates

    You can now manage your server via an RCON port. To do so, you must enable it by setting a password:

    In AstroServerSettings.ini, add the following lines:

    • ConsolePassword=hello
    • ConsolePort=1234

    Replace the password with whatever you wish. You can then send commands to the server to remotely manage it.

    Exo Outfitters – New Items

    New Suit – The Scout Suit! Our new Astroneer suit has a very resourceful spirit 😉

    New Limited Time Bundle — FLOWER POWER. Go Green and recharge your look with this garden-inspired set.

    Available in EXO Outfitters until Sept 7, 2020. Includes:

    • Earthenware palette
    • Solar Power mask
    • Avant Gardener hat

    New Emotes

    • Dab
    • Pose of Power
    • TA-DA!
    • Kitty Cleaning

    New Hats

    • Grad-U-8
    • Hail to the Leaf
    • Robo Rudder

    New Masks

    • Corrective Vision
    • Wild Child
    • Bugged Out

    New Palettes

    • Night Stalker
    • Day Prowler
    • Royal Flush

    Various optimizations and stability fixes, including a number of crashes listed in the bugs section.

    Bug fixes in Astroneer version 1.18

    The following are still known issues as of version

    • When a Resource Canister is attached to the Auto Extractor while set to output and then switched while slotted, the canister will not autofill it’s first resource. If slotted while on the input setting, it should work as intended. We hope to address this in a hotfix.
    • The Wanderer’s Way Achievement is still not earnable on Dedicated Servers. We are continuing work on this issue and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible. The Achievement is earnable in single player and peer-to-peer multiplayer games.
    • Target pins connecting T1 items on T1 slots are still having issues with selecting platform or storage instead of the slot if there’s another T1 slot closer to the camera. This is especially noticeable when slots appear in a grid pattern. It’s most prevalent on Figurine Platform, Medium Storage, and Large Platform C. It also occurs to a lesser degree, depending on the camera angle, on Medium Storage Silo and Extra Large Storage.

    Bug Fixes in version


    • Fixed community reported crashes which would occur in Multiplayer after switching the game to Survival Mode and continuing normal gameplay.
    • [AS-10970] – Dedicated Server | UI | In the Server Info tab, controller and arrow keys can navigate beyond the selectable region of UI elements
    • [AS-11123] – Implemented new guards in the code which should help alleviate the issue where shuttles would stop launching from orbit on Dedicated Servers.
    • [AS-11292] – Implemented new guards in the code which should address the issue of stale save files piling up on Nitrado Dedicated Servers and taking up too much storage space.
    • [AS-11376] – Large and Medium Resource Canisters’ Tool Tips now appropriately update correctly for Clients while the canister is being filled in Multiplayer games
    • [AS-11403] – When playing in Multiplayer, all players can now see T1 items that are picked up by an Auto Arm
    • [AS-11681] – Fixed the executable properties description to accurately reflect System Era studio information
    • [AS-11385] – Fixed the issue where Client players were occasionally unable to equip their terrain tool after flying to other planets when playing in Multiplayer or on Dedicated Servers
    • [AS-11514] – Turning on “Allow whitelisted only” setting no longer deletes all “Unlisted” players from AstroServerSettings.ini


    • [AS-11423] – Fixed an issue where the Soil Centrifuge was playing duplicate panel open SFX.
    • [AS-11424] – Fixed an issue where the Soil Centrifuge collecting sediment canister SFX was stuttering when filling module with soil.


    • [AS-11772] – Expired April LTE Customization items (4ML A-TYRE and TURRET-A-PORTER) are no longer visible in the customization menu if they have not been unlocked by the player.


    • [AS-11493] – Astroneer update 1.18 added an Extra Large Shredder to an Extra Large Platform A should no longer cause the game to crash
    • [AS-11606] – Medium Soil Canisters no longer cause performance degradation if the output is enabled while the canister is slotted
    • [AS-10763] – Game no longer crashes when running 3 or more Chem Labs
    • [AS-10520] – All harpoon node items now only attach to visible areas on Medium Storage
    • [AS-11296] – Extenders are no longer causing Crashes on Save
    • [AS-11328] – Soil Centrifuge now transfers all resources to a connected super storage when job is complete
    • [AS-11367] – User is now able to remove resources from the Chem Lab input slot after changing recipes
    • [AS-11371] – Terrain Analyzers now retain color after loading a saved game.
    • [AS-11408] – Items added to a halted Shredder are now shredded when shredding resumes
    • [AS-11411] – Medium and Large Resource Canisters with nuggets in the output slot no longer create nugget connectors when shredded
    • [AS-11412] – Trade Platform no longer allows the output to be switched during takeoff, patching an exploit which gave infinite expensive resources at no cost.
    • [AS-11413] – Shredder now moves completed Scrap nuggets to available slots as soon as they become available


    • [AS-11021] – Soil Centrifuge, with the repeat button on, will now not start until 1 full Small Canister’s worth of soil is placed in the centrifuge. (Except when the centrifuge is set to Ammonium which requires 2 full Small Canisters)
    • [AS-11373] – Auto Arm will now only place valid items into small and medium generators
    • [AS-11384] – Resources are no longer available when an Auto Extractor fully depletes the resource node
    • [AS-11401] – Items being picked up by the Auto Arm can no longer be picked up at the same time
    • [AS-11405] – Auto Arms will now reset back to the input side and pass resources
    • [AS-11437] – Auto-Arms will no longer take partial nuggets from Resource Canisters when the arm starts to grab the nugget at the same time as it is moving to the input slot
    • [AS-11551] – Auto Extractor must be fully anchored in a valid area before gathering resources
    • [AS-11554] – Auto Extractor will now stop extracting when placed over a resource that is different than the one in the canister attached to it
    • [AS-11624] – Tooltip for the Sensor Harpoon stays active even when the user quickly branches two nodes
    • [AS-11627] – Sensor harpoons make snapping noise when hovering over open lightboard storage slots.
    • [AS-11685] – Sensors and Repeaters can no longer be grabbed from a closed backpack
    • [AS-11687] – Resource canisters that are deleted while they are consuming/producing resources will no longer create partial nuggets
    • [AS-11690] – Auto Arm will no longer pull resources from the input slots of the Chem Lab
    • [AS-11692] – Duplicated canisters are now displaying the correct color for the resource or gas they are containing.
    • [AS-11694] – Canisters set to output will now allow Auto Arms to place the resource type as set into them
    • [AS-11701] – Medium Resource Canister lines up properly with the Auto Extractor when placed on top
    • [AS-11702] – Sensor and repeater nodes can no longer be attached to a Drone
    • [AS-11707] – Resource Canisters will consistently produce resources if they are available
    • [AS-11713] – Segment line stripe highlight has been slowed down for sensors/repeaters
    • [AS-11714] – Auto Arm filter slot is now easier to target
    • [AS-11717] – Using mouse or controller, it’s now easier to target individual Segment and target pins when placed close together
    • [AS-11742] – Resource Canisters will no longer create partial nuggets even if a user fills the canister and uses a storage sensor to switch the canister mode
    • [AS-11758] – Target pins connecting to T1 items on T1 slots properly target the correct slot on platforms and storages with singular, spread out T1 slots
    • [AS-11804] – When power is available, Repeater slots now power T1 items


    • [AS-11475] – Addressed a community reported crash which occurred when driving up a ramp to the surface of Sylva.
    • [AS-11666] – Addressed a community reported crash which occurred when the player pressed Y to switch or to deploy the Drone while the camera was still moving.
    • [AS-9855] – Astroneer 1.18 fixed an issue which caused the Drone to end up in an incorrect state when saving the game while the drone is deployed.
    • [AS-11406] – Adjusted the Gearhead hat cosmetic item so it no longer blocks some of the headlight for the Radiated Suit.
    • [AS-11429] – Adjusted the Hydration Deflector hat cosmetic item so it no longer blocks some of the headlight for the Flight, Retro, and Swift suits.
    • [AS-11614] – Astroneer PS4 update 1.18 adjusted the Cog Visor cosmetic item so it no longer appears too dark at night or underground.
    • [AS-11684] – Dynamite placed into slots can now be appropriately detonated by the “use” interaction or actuation

    Download free Astroneer patch 1.18 on PlayStation 4.

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