Arma Reforger Update Patch Notes – June 1, 2022


Arma Reforger update is now rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official Arma Reforger patch notes, the latest update resolves various issues with the game and added quality of life improvements.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Arma Reforger patch will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.


Arma Reforger Patch Notes


  • Fixed: Rendering artifacts related to shadow cascades
  • Added: Smaller Conflict scenarios available in the Play and Scenarios menus
  • Fixed: AI in Idle behavior was not checking its surroundings and now does
  • Fixed: Explosives containers in Conflict would contain regular items instead
  • Fixed: Changed the faulty background in the PlayerTile groups layouts
  • Fixed: Magazines would stay attached to hands when a reload was interrupted by the equip action
  • Fixed: Crash in inventory when dropping a vehicle inside a turret
  • Tweaked: Ural upshift RPM increased to 1250
  • Added: Option to change the gamepad Y-axis orientation
  • Fixed: Potential character teleport under the surface when exiting a flipped vehicle
  • Tweaked: AI perception at night
  • Fixed: Mouse aiming of turrets became unreliable with high FPS
  • Tweaked: Collisions and destruction of certain small props, walls and environmental objects
  • Fixed: Steam platform saves are now gracefully freed
  • Fixed: Potential crash when closing Game Master mode
  • Fixed: The vicinity would not get refreshed when proxy clients manipulate items inside a storage hierarchy
  • Fixed: Skipped paths in the climbing test for valid climb-over points (climbing through a window)
  • Fixed: Suppressing sprint when going into ADS with binoculars or another gadget
  • Fixed: Potential crash on exit related to UI
  • Fixed: Collision of cars with gate bars could sink the cars under the terrain
  • Fixed: Characters killed (or players disconnected) while inside a vehicle could end up stuck next to the vehicle or sitting on the road
  • Fixed: Improved door contact detection
  • Fixed: Item gestures would not be possible with the character in a throwing stance
  • Fixed: Weapon equip actions are now checking the availability of gestures to prevent delayed pickups
  • Fixed: Binding keys can now be cancelled by pressing the Escape key
  • Fixed: Equipping a weapon could potentially crash the game
  • Fixed: Changing the model of an animated items could potentially crash the game
  • Fixed: Radios would not be returned to the radio pool on disconnecting
  • Fixed: Players could get stuck during the Tutorial scenario when building a bunker
  • Changed: When a player gets banned, the duration of the ban is displayed to them
  • Tweaked: Localization strings and phrasing


  • Changed: Improved the ACK system to reduce resend rates and bandwidth spikes when the server streams a new map regions to players
  • Fixed: Clients are now handling disconnection from the server during a world reload
  • Tweaked: Optimized the transfer of fire action in turrets
  • Hotfixed: Graceful return from an online session to the main menu on resuming from being suspended
  • Fixed: Sanitized ServerCommandHandler in case the player is no longer available
  • Fixed: Improved the network frames acknowledgement mechanism
  • Fixed: Network streaming or disconnecting could potentially crash the game

Changed: Animation data from owners (rather than the server, as it previously was) is now played on proxies by default (this can be disabled by -noForwardOwnerAnimations on the server)

  • Tweaked: Improved smoothness of characters in multiplayer


  • Hotfixed: Rendering artifacts visible on some surfaces when using scopes or the inventory
  • Hotfixed: Building interiors going suddenly pitch black
  • Fixed: Clutter not being removed by decals
  • Fixed: Flickering clutter when removed by decals and flickering decals


  • Fixed: An incorrect sub-scene name could be shown in the scene tree
  • Changed: BattlEye is now always loaded from the game installation folder


  • Tweaked: Height resampling is default now when importing a height map in World Editor
  • Fixed: RDB cache showing files not present in an addon
  • Added: The current backend environment is shown in the status bar now
  • Fixed: World Editor – Crash when trying to save a world into a read-only folder
  • Fixed: Ignoring “Armature” bones from Blender
  • Changed: Forbidden use of Workbench as a replication client
  • Tweaked: World Editor – Better default camera position
  • Fixed: World Editor – Crash when displaying an entity’s context menu
  • Fixed: Changing properties of DecoratorEntity in Behavior Editor could crash Workbench


  • Fixed: Crashing for some people when they are manipulating the server browser
  • Removed: Local rating update in Workshop
  • Changed: Backend – Dedicated Server shutdown invoked in 3 seconds, after a heartbeat fails 3 times
  • Tweaked: Manifests of old addons are now properly removed when updating
  • Fixed: Backend – When room registration fails, a server now properly shuts down
  • Fixed: Sometimes servers would not be visible in the server browser after disconnecting
  • Changed: Improved error reporting of service-related issues