ARK Update 2.43 PS4 Patch Notes (ARK 2.43)


Ark update 2.43 patch notes are now available for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official ARK 2.43 patch notes, the latest Ark Survival Evolved update brings general stability fixes. Apart from this, Ark version 2.43 also includes some other minor fixes.

Previously, a big update added Turkey Trial and various tweaks as well as fixes for multiplayer.

Unfortunately, players are still facing issues while playing the game online. Today’s ARK version 2.43 will fix a few of these errors.


ARK 2.43 Patch Notes


  • Animated Series Raptor Costume
  • Santiago’s Spear Skin
  • Santiago’s Axe Skin

All acquired by clicking on the main menu options

Genesis Chronicles

  • Added HLN-A Explorer Notes 6-10 for Genesis Chronicles
  • Added TEK Suit V2 pants for Genesis Chronicles

Classic PvP Breakdown:

  • Experience gain, taming, gathering, breeding, hatching, and raising rates have been doubled compared to our standard Official Servers (2x)
  • Tribes are set to 25 players max
  • Tribe alliances are disabled, though informal alliances are allowed
  • Servers have a maximum player count of 100
  • These maps will be available: The Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Valguero, and The Center
  • Classic PvP servers are unaffected by Evolution Events
  • Tek dinos (Tek Parasaur, Tek Quetzal, Tek Rex, Tek Raptor, Tek Stego), Paracer, Tapejara, and the Titanosaur are not available for taming on Classic PvP
  • All Aberration and Extinction content is unavailable on Classic PvP
  • Scaling of weapon damage has been reduced
  • No TEK Engrams
  • No cave building
  • Cryopods enabled

Bug Fixes

  • Wild Megalodons will no longer apply the bleed effect (Gnashed) to their targets.
  • Addressed an issue related to Basilisk IK.
  • The Mammoth damage debuff (Trumpet) was not working. This issue is now fixed.
  • Addressed multiple level-design related bugs such as holes, floating foliage, incorrect volumes, etc
  • Addressed biome specific overrides issue.

Download free ARK update 2.43 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.