ARK Update 1.49 for PS4 released with fixes – Patch Notes


ARK update 1.49 for PS4 is now available for download. The latest ARK 1.49 patch includes minor changes and improvements to the game. ARK version 1.49 has added performance improvements and optimizations.

Recently, update 1.48 was released with the audio quality improvements. Check out more details below.


ARK update 1.49 Patch Notes

  • Added performance improvements and optimizations.
  • Minor bug fixes also included in ARK version 1.49.

At the back-end, ARK survival evolved PS4 servers (v516.9) were also updated with following changes.

  • Fix for PVE dino decay not properly destroy dinos after the decay period.
  • You can no longer download a Dino onto your server if you’re at the tribe cap or (PvE) if the server is at the tame cap.
  • Fixed a collision issue with chairs.
  • The latest server update will protect against an issue with Recipe Crafting and applied retroactive detection.
  • ARK 1.49 addressed Character-destruction Inventory Bags to drop at the character’s location if can’t find ground underneath, so that loot item aren’t lost.
  • Changed Structure encroachment check logic to do a solid trace between encroachment points, prevents getting Sleeping Bags wedged in places they shouldn’t fit .
  • ARK 1.49 fixed a way to get unconscious players under-the-ground.

Checking your game update and download latest ARK update 1.49 for PS4.