ARK Survival Evolved Save Game File Location

    ARK Survival Evolved is one of the most popular game on PC(Steam). Today, we have posted a guide to help you find Ark save file location. You can also download a 100% complete Ark save file, in case your save game goes missing or gets corrupted. Read more details below.

    What is Ark Save File Location?

    There are multiple ways to find the Dinkum game save file location. Follow the steps below to directly open the save folder from the location below.

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    To access the save file, head to this directory on your PC:

    [Steam Install]/userdata/{Steam3AccountID}/346110/

    There is another way to find your ARK Survival Evolved game save files. Follow the steps below:

    1. Open Steam Library
    2. Select ARK Survival Evolved game and right-click over the game’s name
    3. Click on Browse Local Files
    4. This will take you to the game’s install folder.

    Note: Backup Ark game save files before making any changes. The save file size quota is 10MB and you can save 100 files.

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    Jack Johnson
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