Patch Notes

ARK PS4 update 2.12 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox One


ARK PS4 update 2.12 released for players. According to the official ARK PS4 update 2.12 patch notes, the latest ARK Survival Evolved update brings various gameplay changes to the game. Apart from this, ARK version 2.12 also includes performance improvements.

Previously, an update was released which added ARK Winter Wonderland 4 event with new items, new emotes, prior event skins and more. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of performance issues. Today’s ARK version 2.12 patch is expected to fix all these errors. Check out more details here.

ARK PS4 update 2.12 patch notes

  • Fixed a collision issue with Velonasaurs
  • Fixed a network desync related to Velonasaurs
  • Fixed a client crash related to Velonasaurs
  • Fixed a client FPS bug related to Velonasaurs
  • Fixed a bug which allowed MEKs to be invulnerable to various types of damage
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Managarmrs to use their ice breath underwater/whilst swimming
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Velonasaurs to shoot endlessly in turret mode without draining stam
  • Fixed two damage miscalculation bugs with the Managarmr pounce and Velonasaur AOE Needle Spin
  • Fixed an exploit related to turret damage
  • Velonasaurs will now consume stamina whilst in AI-turret mode
  • Managarmr limited to 3 jumps, 5 strafes, and 1 dash before it has to land
  • Reduced Managarmr ice-breath exponential damage scaling by approximately 20%
  • Reduced Velonasaur recovery time (how much time is required to pass before the Velonsaur starts regenerating stamina) from 4 seconds to 1 second
  • Fixed max level when using Chibis during the Winter Wonderland event.
  • Fixed issue spawning dinos from cryopods.
  • Addressed crashing issues.
  • Added network connection improvements.
  • Fixed framerate drop and freezing issues.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Other minor under the hood fixes.

ARK update 2.12 is now available for download.