Arena of Kings Update Patch Notes – Dec 20, 2021

Arena of Kings update is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Arena of Kings patch notes, the latest update added several new changes and adjustments.


Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Arena of Kings patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Arena of Kings Patch Notes – December 20, 2021


  • You now always gain 100 EXP for playing a game.
  • /dnd to disable pms.
  • Friends list was showing several blinking requests from yourself. We’ve repaired the links to the original inviter and fixed the underlying issue that was causing this.
  • Slightly tightened the matchmaking queue – your opponents will have have closer Estimated MMRs to your Party’s now.
  • After playing a game the Play Panel will now automatically open by default to the Quick Play screen when going back into the Lobby.

A queue timer has been added while searching for a game. We’re continuing to monitor issues where players are “stuck” in queue and are attempting several fixes for this. If you’ve been stuck in queue for a long time we’ve added a temporary feedback message to spread awareness of this ongoing issue.

Implemented two fixes for a low FPS spike when hovering over enemies/allies. If for some reason the fix doesn’t work we’ve added an option to completely disable CURSOR_HIGHLIGHTING in steamapps/common/arenaofkings/options.json.

  • Spam filter added for chat messages. Spamming chat will get you kicked, and eventually temporarily banned.
  • We’ve temporarily disabled scrolling up/down in chat while we continue our investigation of a crash in the feature.
  • Added feedback text when attempting to loot an item on the ground that is not reserved to you.
  • Added a display message in the store regarding game editions.
  • Fixed a freeze crash while in the lobby.
  • Fixed several outdated tooltips.