ANVIL Update Patch Notes (Balance + Reward Fix) – Dec 5, 2021

Anvil update (Dec 5, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Anvil patch notes, the latest update added various quality of life fixes and balancing. Apart from this, today’s Anvil patch also includes various stability and performance improvements.

Read more details below.

Anvil Patch Notes (December 5, 2021)

Improvements to difficulty

Czerny final boss difficulty lowered

The final boss will be around 20% less strong (attack, defense, health) than current level

All 5-stack relics gain increased effects

We increased the basic effect of stack relic and the special effect given from 3rd stack onward by 1.5 times the current amount.

Removing relic share system

The relic chests will not be shared among team members in multiplayer mode.

This will lead to players being able to create the build they want more easily.

This should have been applied for Early Access, and we apologize that this was applied later than we wanted.

Improvements to alert level waves

The alert level system that threatened the players after a period of time has been improved.

In Symphonia, the alert level duration has been shortened to 45 sec from 60 sec.

The reward for overcoming the alert level has been increased in all the galaxies.

  • High chance of heal pack drop
  • Increase to tier of weapon dropped
  • Increase to amount of coin dropped
Removal of mechanical monsters in time limit survival mission

We changed the mechanical monsters to other monsters in time-based mission maps because they were too strong. Players will be able to proceed more smoothly.

#Improvements to reward system

Season Pass now easier to achieve

We increased the amount of experience player receive per planet clear in a galaxy by 25~50%.

As a result, players should be able to each the next level of Season Pass easier than before.

As for the rewards in the Season Pass, they will be revamped to feel more rewarding in the next Pass.

Relic replication rule improvement

In the current algorithm, the chance of relic replication when you acquire a relic already in possession is lower than intended.

We changed so that a relic besides the ones you own will be replicated.

Players will be able to feel 20~30% increase in relic replication chance.

#Bug fixes

Resolve a case where a player is unable to enter a lair of a specific boss monster

Resolve a case where effects on certain weapons are not applied

  • Heal upon hit
  • Increasing number of evasive skills
  • Gaining coin at start of each planet

Fixed where the melee and ranged damage decrease on the stat page had an English translation error.

  • The urgent update will be applied to only the Steam version. As the Xbox version needs a separate certification process, we will apply it at a later date. During this period of time, cross platform between Xbox and Steam will be restricted. We will do our best to apply the update on Xbox ASAP.
  • In order to apply the new update, exit ANVIL and relaunch after the update.

Download free Anvil patch 9 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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