Another Eden Update 2.13.100 Patch Notes


A new Another Eden game update 2.13.100 is rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official Another Eden patch notes, the latest update added new encounters, changes and fixes.

Previously, a major update was released which added The Apex of Logic and Cardinal Scales Chapter 2.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Another Eden patch 2.13.100 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Another Eden Patch Notes – July 8, 2022

New Encounters

Update Information


・Wanderer in the Vortex… New characters Orleya and Miyu (Extra Style) are available.

・・Fateful Encounter Wanderer in the Vortex (Paid, 3 Times Only) is available.

・Star Dream Encounter is available (Paid, 1 Time Only)
In the Star Dream Encounter, after the 10 ally Encounter, you will receive a Star Dreams Piece that can encounter a 5-star class character.
Only characters released as of the version 2.13.100 update on July 8, 2022 are encounterable in the Star Dream Encounter and Star Dreams Piece Encounter. Characters released after July 8, 2022, even on the same game version, will be unavailable.
Previously obtained Star Dreams Pieces cannot be used in the version 2.13.100 Star Dreams Piece Encounter.
The expiration date of the Star Dreams Piece is 30 days from the time of initiating the Star Dream Encounter.

・The “Ally Encounters” under Regular Encounters were updated.

Campaign Information

・Increased login bonuses!
・Chronos Stones x20 -> Chronos Stones x50
*Duration: June 27, 2022 15:00 (UTC) – July 16, 2022 14:59 (UTC)

・During the following duration, start Apocrypha: Wanderer in the Vortex to get 1,000 Chronos Stones as part of our campaign.
Duration: From version 2.13.100 update – July 31, 2022 14:59 (UTC)
It will be delivered to your inbox after completing the first event scene

・Chronos Stone Sale Information
・A limited time 2000 Chronos Stone package
・A limited time 4000 Chronos Stone package
Duration: July 8, 2022 3:00 (UTC) – July 24, 2020 14:59 (UTC)
Each can be purchased twice

Identified Issue


・There are cases where the time duration for the 2,000 and 4,000 Chronos Stones’ sales are displayed incorrectly.
Correct: –7/24(UTC)
*The issue can be fixed by updating to version 2.13.100.

・In Apocrypha: Wanderer in the Vortex: The Road to Thunder’s Build Equipment menu, some materials required for “Catapult” level 1-3 differ from the amounts shown.

Fixed the following issues

・Text and display issues.
・Other small bugs.