Anarchy Arcade Update Patch Notes – October 31, 2021

Anarchy Arcade update (Oct 31, 2021) released on PC (Steam). According to the official Anarchy Arcade patch notes, the latest update added a new Avatar Menu, Wheel spin, and bug fixes.


Previously, a major update added various quality of life fixes and improvements.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Anarchy Arcade patch 1.042.1 will address a few of these errors.


Anarchy Arcade Patch Notes – October 31, 2021

Avatar Menu

The new Avatar Menu makes previewing & changing into your favorite avatar models easier.

This is a feature for the more advanced users – because in order to use it, you must first build a favorites list of models that work as your avatar.

Next, go to the Commands Tab (F7) and use the Avatar Menu command. That will open up the Avatar Menu & show a random selection of avatars from your specified favorites list.

It’s important to only have avatar models on the favorites list that you use, so you don’t turn yourself into a burger or something. 🙂

Also, remember it’s a random selection of models from the list each time. So if you have a long list, you won’t see all of the models every time. But you can just close the menu & re-open it to get a new random selection.

Wheel Spin

Sometimes you know what you want to play is right in front of you, but you can’t decide which one to launch. The Wheel Spin command helps for this type of situation.

To use the command, go to the Commands Tab (F7) and scroll all the way down to Wheel Spin.

It will attempted to grab the items that are in front of you & put them onto a wheel, then seelect the one it lands on.

Remember that you can bind your favorite commands to your Action Bar (0-9 on your keyboard) using the F7 menu as well.

Bug Fixes

Two noteworthy bug fixes in today’s build are (1) a bug related to Always Animating Images that could cause some unrelated cabinet screens in the arcade to be zoomed in, and (2) wizard is now fixed for spawning movies!

Also note that currently some users who are opted into the Steam Beta are experiencing crash issues on webtabs. If you are in the Steam Beta & are experiencing such issues, opting out seems to fix it.

Change Log

  • Added Wheel Spin to the Commands Tab. It will attempt to randomly select one of the objects that are in front of you in the world.
  • Added Avatar Menu to the Commands Tab. It works in combination with a custom favorites list that you keep your avatar models in.
  • Fixed an issue with Always Animating Images that caused some unrelated cabinets in the arcade to have their video texture zoomed in.
  • Fixed wizard to work for movies again. (Note that the only other working wizard is still the Steam Store wizard at this time.)
  • Fixed a rare issue in the Library Browser that could prevent it from showing search results. (Thanks to Soulz Baen nodes.
  • Added console variable screenshot_multiverse 0. When set to 1, showcase mode will use any screenshot that was taken on the map regardless of which instance it was taken in.

Download free Patron update 1.042.1 for PC (Steam).