Among Us Update 2022.6.21 Patch Notes – June 21, 2022

    A minor Among Us update 2022.2.23s is now rolling out on PC. According to the official Among Us patch notes, the latest update addressed 100+ issues. Apart from this, Among Us patch 2022.6.21 also includes stability fixes.

    Previously, a big update added various balancing, changes, and bug fixes. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game.

    Today’s Among Us update 2022.6.21 will fix a few of these issues.

    Among Us Update Patch Notes – June 21, 2022

    Quality of Life Improvements & Implemented Community Suggestions

    • Added a Streamer Mode. When active, room codes do not display in the lobby and is replaced by “Click to copy”. This can be toggled on or off in the General Settings.
    • Added Colorblind Settings. When active, the names of the colors will appear next to the players during meetings, and below the player during gameplay.
    • Account linking for all platforms (minus PlayStation and Nintendo) is back. Follow the in-game instructions carefully as we’ve removed Guest Accounts, but it should make it an easier process. More information on the new Account Linking here.
    • Players are now able to view the map from the voting screen.
    • Friends List – The player’s last display name will appear above a player’s Friend Code.

    We definitely have wayyyy more planned in future, so keep playing the game and letting us know how you feel (nicely, pleaseeee) and I promise we’ll be listening.

    But I’m not done this post yet – now for the very long list of fixes we’ve made to the game.

    Biggest Fixes

    • Loading screen now waits for every player in the lobby when loading into a round
    • Kills can no longer happen when an Emergency Meeting is being called
    • Players can no longer move themselves during the role reveal screen
    • Players in game should no longer randomly lose the ability to interact with map, complete tasks, or kills
    • Impostor now shifts correctly when attempting to shapeshift after Emergency Meeting if the meeting was called at the same time
    • Quick Chat wheel can be used as intended while a task (Download Data / Upload Data) is being completed. Players will no longer be forced to close and re-open chat
    • Smooth Talker achievement can now be unlocked if the second to last Crewmate leaves the game
    • Players should no longer see the ‘Sure is taking a while’ error message when launching Among Us
    • Friend Codes no longer duplicate across all players when player and host rejoin lobby
    • Friends List – Chat icon will display as grayed out when the Friends List is open. Opposite is true if Chat is open.
    • Android and iOS – Players can now interact with the Role Settings menu no matter how quickly they are tapping through other settings
    • Android – Players should no longer see errors when signing in on certain Android devices
    • Android – Players can now view and access achievements
    • Resolved desync issue when player reports body while climbing ladder
    • Polaroids for the ‘Develop Photos’ tasks cannot be placed outside the task window
    • During meetings, buttons respond as intended no matter how spammy your clicks are
    • Players can interact with the Role Settings menu no matter how spammy their clicks are on other settings
    • Players will no longer see ‘Sure is taking a while’ if game is set to languages other than English
    • Players are now able to unlock the Circumventor achievement
    • Entering the correct date of birth no longer registers the account as age 0
    • Added the Language server filter to the settings in the Lobby

    Minor Bug Fixes

    • Airship – Players in Vents now appear on Admin
    • Airship – Players in the Hall of Portraits now appear on Admin
    • Airship – Platform can be interacted with after a crewmate is killed while trying to use it
    • Airship – Second admin map added to the Records Room
    • Nicknames now appear on Impostor start screen
    • No longer seeing layering issues between Pets, Hats, and Visors
    • “Owned” shop text is now localized properly
    • The letter ‘g’ is now localized properly in all languages and will not be censored (lol)
    • Players can’t bypass filters for profanity in nicknames by capitalizing letters
    • Impostors can’t shapeshift during the role reveal sequence
    • Updated icon for ‘reject lobby invite’
    • Spam clicking the chat icon doesn’t stop you from being able to click other icons
    • Chat filter doesn’t censor words with potential profanity words in them- glasses
    • Controller – Players can now interact with their friends list after unfriending or unblocking a player
    • Correct color wording now displays in Account Info when colorblind text is active
    • MIRA HQ – Door logs now display colors of Crewmates when colorblind text is active
    • Improved readability of cracked screen overlay
    • Decontamination locations on Polus can be referred to specifically using Quick Chat
    • PC – Can close chat with the ESC key
    • Guardian Angels can protect Crewmates without being obstructed by walls, doors, etc.
    • Guardian Angel targeting now prefers Crewmates
    • Guardian Angel protection cooldown resets at the start of every round
    • Fixed report menu transparency and visibility
    • Vitals sorting fixed: players that are dead/ejected are now at the bottom of the screen
    • Fixed sounds during levelling up to be tied to the SFX volume slider
    • Fixed numerous shadow issues

    Download free Among Us version 2022.6.21 on Switch.

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