Alchemy Garden Update 3.0 Patch Notes (Alpha 3.0) – July 26, 2021


Alchemy Garden update 3.0 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Alchemy Garden patch notes, the latest update added a new map, new changes, and various improvements. Apart from this, Alchemy Garden patch 3.0 also includes stability fixes.

Alchemy Garden Patch Notes


In version 2.x there was only one map, where the town, the forest and swamp biomes and the 3 houses available with their interiors were concentrated. The advantage of this was evident, there were no loading times or cuts, which made the game experience more fluid. But it had several problems that would grow in the long run.

The first of all is the performance, taking into account the customization options together with the size of the map they cause a large amount of data to be loaded in memory.


Another reason is scaling, the game was designed to be played on a single map, making enlargements of the map increasingly difficult due to performance problems.

That is why I decided to implement an instance system and divide the game into different smaller maps, with the aim of having more control over the zones and being able to modify or expand zones without interfering with the rest.

There are currently the following maps in the game:
-Interior of the house.
-Exterior of the house / garden.

Now it will be much easier for me to create new maps and expand the content of the game without affecting the previous maps.


One of the most important changes in this version is the alchemy mechanics.

Now all the plants and minerals in the game can be of 3 different elements:

Mixing these 3 elements we obtain the potions, therefore the mixtures no longer depend on a specific plant, but on its elements.


In order to create potions, we will place the different components on the table and drag them to the cauldron to create our mixture, let’s take an example:

Let’s imagine that there are 3 components on the table: Sulfur, Sulfur and Mercury

If we place those components in the cauldron in the same order -Sulfur, Sulfur and Mercury- we will obtain a potion, Elixir of Wisdom.

But if instead of placing them in that order we do it this way: -Sulfur, Mercury, Sulfur-we will get another different potion, Mana Potion.

The mixture of 3 components on the alchemy table will always give us a result, we will have to experiment with the order and types of components to discover all the possible mixtures.

In addition, depending on the rarity of the plants and minerals that we use, we can create higher quality potions and sell them for a higher price in the store.


In order to create a sense of progress and improvement in the game I have implemented a leveling system, so from now on, collecting wild plants, cutting down trees, mining and creating potions will give us experience points.

By leveling up we will obtain some points that we can spend on our skill tree and improve our character’s attributes, such as increasing the chances that we get seeds when collecting plants, that we get less tired when cutting or that we take less time to water plants.


As of now there is only one house, and I am going to explain the reasons why I have made this decision.

One of the problems at the design level of the 2.x versions was that once you bought another house, the previous one was abandoned, thus creating an area of ​​the map where the player never returned.


In addition, the feeling of ownership was diluted by having 3 houses spread across the map, in the long run none felt like their own if not something temporary.

A grid system has also been implemented to be able to place the furniture in a more comfortable way, although it can be deactivated if desired (by pressing F).


There have also been changes in gardening.
As with the furniture, now we can choose between carving using a grid (for those who love farms) or deactivating it and creating our own compositions.

The possibility of the plant dying from lack of water or from excess has been eliminated. This has been because I have observed that when you have a garden that is too large it becomes very tedious to maintain it plant by plant.

Now the garden can be expanded by buying pieces of surrounding land.


Until now, the days were not very important in the game, they simply acted as a counter but did not transmit anything to the player, and every day was practically the same.

In this version I have implemented a calendar system with 4 months, each one of them represents a season and they last exactly 28 days.

You will no longer see the 54th of year 2, now you will see that it is Friday, the 26th of Summer.

The seasons will change the colors of the surrounding vegetation, and you will also be able to find exclusive plants for each season.

En cada estación se celebrarán diferentes eventos relacionados, por ejemplo en primavera se celebra el día de pascua, donde tendrás que encontrar huevos de pascua por el pueblo, en verano habrá un día donde podrás tirar fuegos artificiales, en otoño Jack-O-Greedy llega al pueblo con un minijuego de encontrar fuegos fatuos y además te venderá artículos spooky y para acabar en invierno podrás encender sky lanterns alrededor del árbol del pueblo y obtener un regalo navideño.


As for the part of our store, the demand factor in the potions has been eliminated, so now the price of the same will depend on the quality of the same.


Now the town’s order board will show an order based on the components and recipes that we have discovered. As soon as we accept the order, we must deliver it before we go beyond the maximum date to the corresponding NPC


– The Steam Cloud system has been implemented.
– Now you can name your store.
– Now you can sprint as long as you want, as long as you have energy.
– The arm model has been removed from the game to make it more inclusive.
– Now there is a limit when buying seeds, each day they are sold of different types.

Download free Survive the Nights update 1.9 on PC (Steam).