Aim Lab Update 0.95.8 Patch Notes (Official) – December 16, 2021


Aim Lab update 0.95.8 (Dec 16, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Aim Lab patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and changes.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Aim Lab patch 0.95.8 will address a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Aim Lab Patch Notes – Dec 16, 2021

Fixed in Core Aim Lab

  • Aim Lab soft locked if you entered an incorrect password on a fresh launch
  • When playing a suggested task, the weapon and map didn’t apply
  • Fixed a null error after clicking restart on the first time user experience
  • Traditional Chinese changed to Simplified Chinese
  • Resubscribing to Workshop items caused stuttering during tasks
  • Display a stretching ratio now isn’t limited to work only in tasks
  • Fixed carousel null errors
  • Imported crosshairs couldn’t be deleted
  • Unable to edit weapons in suggested tasks
  • Viewing profiles using the web button was broken for valorant profiles tab
  • Fixed settings issue on combines
  • Wiping player prefs didn’t fully reset flicking category
  • Adding Custom Tasks to Playlist Generated an error
  • Editing playlists that have multiple plays of a task only showed one play in the editor
  • Playlists issue with multiple plays once uploaded
  • Playlists become selected once they finished redownload upon visiting Saved Playlists
  • Fixed playlist breaking bugs
  • Downloading Data threw error
  • Exiting completed task resulted in error
  • Playlist title showed old name after renaming
  • Language dropdown reset to last saved when changing settings pages
  • When returning to the main menu from another scene an error would sometimes occur
  • Playlist author names only showed 16 characters
  • Language selection persisted even if settings aren’t saved
  • Playlist organization when being dragged
  • Error occurred when using password reset
  • Siege and Valorant Combine player cards were broken or didn’t load
  • Pressing T shortcut didn’t move onto next training task
  • Scrolling in Featured tasks resets the tasks’ background shade
  • Pressing ESC during a task didn’t pause the task in the background
  • Language in-game settings didn’t change completely upon saving
  • Fixed playlist UI issue
  • Custom tasks showed an empty weapon when added to a playlist
  • Fixed keybind user flow
  • Fix Apex Legend’s ADS sensitivity being up to 0.1% off
  • Saving a new custom weapon would sometimes throw an error
  • Error occuring during creating a new weapon
  • Loadout Screen had dropdown menus with blank entries
  • Custom Graybox Color Mode dropdown had a blank entry
  • Exiting Audio Settings without saving didn’t revert slider changes

Creator Studio

  • After returning to creator studio editor, right-clicking to rotate the camera would break the game
  • Trackable behavior breaks the bot preview for that bot
  • Click to Begin prompt wasn’t activated by the keyboard bind
  • Infinite errors if you enter Creator Studio and then leave (or play test the scenario in the editor)
  • Trackable behavior produced an error
  • Toggling bot preview caused an error
  • Color Changer behavior didn’t wait until the task begins
  • After returning to creator studio editor, targets didn’t appear
  • Hit Sounds didn’t not work in the editor
  • New From Empty used from within the editor placed you in a scenario with only terrain tools usable
  • “TriggerSpawnerOnKill” was reading all kills from all bots on the map, rather than just on the spawner the modifier is on
  • Creator Studio Bot Body “Headshot” only colours the head, the body is always a static white
  • Global bot limit counts bots that have been killed/pooled, rather than just living bots

Download Aim Lab patch 0.95.8 on PC (Steam).