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Age of Wonders Planetfall Update 1.21 Patch Notes (PS4)


Age of Wonders Planetfall update 1.21 patch notes released for PS4 players. According to the official AOW Planetfall update 1.21 patch notes, the latest update added various crash fixes, console optimizations, and addressing issues reported by the community. Apart from this, Age of Wonders Planetfall patch 1.21 also includes stability improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with new features and changes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several performance issues. Today’s AOW Planetfall version 1.21 is expected to fix a few of these errors.

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What is new in AOW Planetfall update 1.21?


  • Fixed an issue where combat would hang after a battle where the player is attacked in hotseat mode with combat retry disabled
  • Fixed a crash caused by a temp unit dying on new turn starts
  • Kir’ko Outpost orbital icon fixed
  • Vehicles of units with stagger resistance now also give it to the hero equipped with these vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue where hero special abilities would disappear when they got into vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where the Quartzite Worms had animation issues when moving, they pop up and down mid-run.
  • Fixed an issue where Hero skin material looked very red when selecting a hero at first.
  • Fixed Tactical Operations that weren’t benefiting from the Technologist Doctrine
  • Fixed certain conditions bypassing Immunities
  • Emissary doctrine now correctly only applies to influence rewarded from quests
  • Fixed units not evolving when they reach prime rank by sitting on an anomalous site
  • Fixed a rare case where attacking an army next to a sector base or colony wouldn’t trigger battle within the base or colony
  • Fixed an issue with health regeneration bonuses being listed multiple times in tooltips
  • Targeting Array duplicate text fixes


  • Fixed an issue where reprocess colonist would only give 2 turns of extra income, instead of 3


  • AI Shakarn units now use the correct mod template icons.
  • Shakarn’s Tactician: Cooldown reset abilities now work on the One of Us All Along ability; Fallback can now heal adjacent targets.
  • Shakarn (Un)happiness banners no longer use the Kir’Ko banners
  • Fixed an issue where only one version of a propaganda broadcast could be active in a battle at once. Now each player can bring their own copy.


  • Mirage Unit now correctly gains stagger resistance when it activates its defense mode while equipped with the Spatial Acceleration Sails
  • Fixed a skinning issue on one of the ‘Legs’ options


  • Fixed colony militia doctrine not properly scaling with the number of garrisons the player has built.


  • Added chance icons to the Path of the Chimera Psi-Fish mod


  • Eater of the Dead’s Punishment is now 12 range 4 hex AoE instead of map-wide


  • Bouncer: Bullet Spin now correctly has str 12 bleed chance when equipped with the Flechette Ammo mod
  • Carbon Glaive now correctly counts as a Melee Weapon


  • Voidbringers Leviathan Resuscitate Thrall now correctly heals for 50%
  • Voidbringers Leviathan no longer gets Maternal Rage when a Thralled Psi-Fish dies
  • Flowering Node can no longer spawn from the Pandora Portal


  • Compelling Presence on the ascended teacher now correctly converts the mind controlled unit into a colonist


  • Es’Teq Confiscator now correctly states it can be applied to any unit.
  • Es’Teq Conduit now has a PFX; Now correctly says it can be applied to any unit with an Essence Drain ability.
  • Quintessence Ark can now just heal itself with Sacrament of Vitality


  • Aegis Tank’s attacks are now considered Sonic and can use Sonic upgrades
  • Superheated Plasma Actuators now has the correct price when equipping it on a Hero


  • Echo of Despair Sinister Chorus no longer applies to mindless units


  • Doomsday Level 3 should now correctly apply Daemons to Compromised units.
  • Hacker – Scrambling Virus: Accuracy settings allow it to miss if the unit is blinded
  • Hero Skill: Electrification Subroutines now correctly affect psionic attacks


  • Fixed an issue where Quantum Avatar could teleport static turrets, causing a crash


  • Bio-Spores Hyper Aggression: Cooldown increased to 3 turns; Buff duration decreased to 2 turns.


  • Firearms mods Incendiary Ammo now correctly states the adjacent damage (50%); Burning applied by the splash no longer affects burn immune units.
  • Firearms mods Kinetic Phase Modulator now correctly says it bypasses 3 shield on the ability tooltip, when equipped

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