Age of Empires 3 (AOE3) Update 13.18214 Patch Notes – August 16, 2022

Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition (AOE3) update 13.18214 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official AOE 3 patch notes, the latest update added new Haudenosaunee Home City & Explorer customizations. Apart from this, Age of Empires 3 (AOE3) patch 13.18214 also includes 11 new cards, 3 New Maps and balance changes for Haudenosaunee.

Previously, a big update added 2 new civilizations, 2 new game modes, 31 state challenges and more.  Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Age of Empires 3 patch will fix a few of these issues.

AOE3 Update Patch Notes – August 17, 2022

  • New Haudenosaunee Home City & Explorer Customizations
  • 11 new cards & balance changes for Haudenosaunee
  • 3 New Maps
  • Peacemaker Community Event
  • 140 New Weekly Profile Icons
  • Crash Fixes
  • Performance Improvements


Stability & Performance

  • Fixed a crash that would occur in the terrain system, especially after repeatedly loading saved games of different maps.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs if flare visuals have not finished animating when destroying the world, then loading into a new world.
  • Faster pathfinding algorithm to reduce slowdown in busy games
  • Optimised refresh of in-game UI elements
  • Fixed a bug where using the file dialog repeatedly (when the user has a lot of saved games) would eventually run the game out of memory.
  • Record Game playback improvement so frames are not unnecessarily skipped. This means playback at the slowest speed will have more chance to keep in time with the original.
  • Fixed an issue that caused record games to play back slower each time they are viewed.
  • Fix for crash when sorting players by score in the post-game screen
  • Fix for crash when hiding the UI tech tree screen.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when there were heavy amounts of particle effects present.


  • Fixed some minor shader & SSAO issues.


  • Fixed Lakota Home City night lighting with fireflies customization deducting 11 points instead of 10 points.
  • Fix for adjusting the Age-Up button to refresh more often so it will become active/not-active as the player’s resources change.
  • Command panel hotkeys are now hidden whenever the tycoon panel is open.
  • Command panel is now darkened when the Tycoon Package panel is open.
  • Added hiding the Tycoon Package panel whenever the game summary or challenges popup is opened.
  • Fix to stop players sending a flare when playing back a record game.
  • Updated Trade Monopoly notification icons & timer icon to be the correct resolutions for their size to avoid visible compression.
  • Fixed incorrect Maltese Depot compendium image.
  • Fix for Clan Invites/Applications page language not updating after initially loading.



  • Fix for rescued treasure units unintentionally having extra damage bonus when the Starting Age is set higher than Exploration Age.
  • Fixed an issue where “Mission Fervor” didn’t correctly apply the research discount to Italian priest shipments.
  • Royal Huntsmen are no longer able to gather wood after sending the Sawmills card from the Home City.
  • “Team Inca Bridges” can now be sent regardless of the Chasqui build limit
  • Lakota can now upgrade Wettin Battery Towers
  • Indian Card “Grazing” now correctly affects Berber Camel Riders
  • “Somali Oryx Hide Shields” now correctly affects Chinese Banner Armies

Civilization Balance


  • Priest and Imam: Cost reduced to 100c (from 150); bounties adjusted accordingly hitpoints reduced to 200 (from 360)
  • Captured Mortar: Cost reduced to 450c (from 500); bounties adjusted accordingly; population cost reduced to 6 (from 8)
  • Stealth ability: All units (but not buildings) will reveal a stealthed enemy if the enemy is within 2 range of it
  • Trample mode: Self-damage for units in trample mode reduced to 35% (from 50%)
  • Unit Promotions: Unit Promotion levels are now displayed under the unit’s hitpoint bar whenever units with promotions have been selected or the Alt key is pressed.
  • Heroes: Adjusted as follows
    • May no longer use the Cover Mode tactic
    • African Heroes no longer gain attack and hitpoint shadow improvements until the Industrial and Imperial Ages
  • Javelin Rider: Hitpoints reduced to 180 (from 190)
  • Armored Pistoleer: Initial HP reduced to 560 (from 660).
  • Desert Archer: Adjusted as follows
    • Now occupies 3 population space (up from 2)
    • Heavy infantry multiplier reduced to 1.75X (from 2X)
  • Desert Warrior: Now occupies 3 population space (up from 2)
  • Crabat: Adjusted as follows
    • Ranged armor reduced to 15% (from 25%)
    • Ranged attack decreased to 30 (from 43)
    • Melee Cavalry damage multiplier reduced to 3.x (from 4.5x); Shock Infantry damage multiplier adjusted accordingly to 2.25x
  • Cossack Daredevil: Adjusted as follows
    • Mounted: Fixed a bug where it was tagged as Light Ranged Cavalry (is intended as a Heavy Cavalry unit)
    • Mounted: The area of effect on its charged ability has been reduced to 2 (from 3)
    • Dismounted: Melee attack is reduced to 14 (from 17).
    • Cost increased to 115c (from 100c).
  • Inquisitor: Increased speed to 5 (from 4.5).
  • Mountain Monastery: Can now be built nearby capturable food windmills.
  • Totenkopf Hussar (Hanover Royal House): Now starts with it’s Death Strike ability fully charged; number of hits required to fully charge it increased to 8 (from 4)
  • Northern Musketeer (Oldenburg Royal House): Build limit corrected to 16 (from 12)
  • Seminole Sharktooth Bowman (Seminole): Now benefits from the target lock feature and attacks up to 33.3% faster the closer the target is to the unit
  • Trabant (Wettin Royal House): Received a charged pistol attack; Cost increased to 60f 70c (from 50f 70c); Melee damage increased to 22 (from 15), cavalry multipliers adjusted accordingly for no overall damage change against Cavalry
  • Klamath Rifleman (Klamath): This unit got reworked to be different from the Cherokee Rifleman it used to share identical stats with. The Klamath Rifleman now costs 100f 30w (from 60f 60w) and has a build limit of 10.

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