Age of Empires 3 (AOE3) Update 13.10442 Patch Notes – June 8, 2022


Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition (AOE3) update 13.10442 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official AOE 3 patch notes, the latest update brings various fixes, changes and gameplay adjustments. Apart from this, Age of Empires 3 (AOE3) patch 13.10442 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added 2 new civilizations, 2 new game modes, 31 state challenges and more.  Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Age of Empires 3 patch will fix a few of these issues.


AOE3 June 8 Update Patch Notes


Stability & Performance

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the game from booting if the installation path contains non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed crash in max population challenge.
  • Fixed a crash when a player disconnects while loading into a Multiplayer Game.
  • Fixed various rare crashes.


  • Community Plaza: Fixed issue with Community Plaza destruction.
  • Redesigned the Revolution, Trade Monopoly, King of the Hill & Economy Victory notification pop-ups to be less intrusive.


  • Added option to set transparent effect on Age-Up window to allow improved map visibility.
    • This feature was based on a popular mod created by Aizamk and implemented to address feedback from the community.
    • This option can be found within UI Options under the Game UI Options header.
  • Fix for Age Up menu resource cost display not updating immediately from red to white when required resources are met.
  • Removed tech effect causing incorrect rollover (tooltip) text when United States Army card is sent.
  • Fixed an issue for the Game Summary screen not displaying the map name, image and description after loading a save game that was saved from a game chosen from a map set.
  • Fixed an issue where the Game Summary information was not correct within the Post-Game Summary Screen.
  • Fixed navigation issues within Photo Mode when using keyboard navigation.
  • Various tech tree fixes.
  • Various localization fixes.


  • Removed duplicated Hotkeys for Fixed Gun and Depot.
  • Added Hotkey support for “Find Fattened Herdable” & “Find All Fattened Herdables”. These are unbound by default – happy farming!


Tycoon Mode

  • Added new names for each Tycoon Package Type.
  • Added Tycoon Package names to purchase notifications.
  • Updated notification text when selecting restricted buildings during active Cease Fire.
  • Added strikethrough to Score Panel to signify ‘OUT’ players while preserving their score display.

Civilization Balance


  • Deflect Aura: Units with Deflect no longer protect artillery (except the Papal Bombard which already only protects Artillery).
  • Irish Brigadier (Mercenary): Added missing Cavalry and Shock Infantry multipliers; corrected erroneous tooltip.
  • Jaeger (Mercenary): Fixed a bug where it did not benefit from the Counter Infantry Rifling upgrade.
  • Winged Hussar (Vasa Royal House): Winged Hussar delivered by shipments & technologies now has identical stats to the unit trained from Vasa Royal House Trading Posts.
  • Boyar (Phanar Royal House): Now also inflicts 1.25x to Artillery.
  • Lipka Tartar (Jagiellon Royal House): Damage reduced to 12.5 (from 16).
  • Dervish (Sudanese Kingdom): Now properly inflicts reduced damage to Skirmisher-types.
  • Bosniak (Mercenary): Hitpoints reduced to 550 (from 600); damage reduced to 45 (from 50); cost increased to 350 (from 300).
  • Armored Pistoleer: Ranged damage reduce to 45 (from 53); melee damage reduced to 25 (from 37).
  • Hajduk (Outlaw): Corrected range to 18 (from 13); corrected damage to 13 (from 18); is no longer being rolled on non-European maps (previously was erroneously in the mercenary rotation).
  • Crabat (Outlaw): Halved hand attack damage to make this novel unit-type more fair against skirmisher-types (it’s intended counter); but increased cavalry multipliers for no overall damage change against cavalry; now properly also counters Shock Infantry; cost increased to 150c (from 140); Now properly benefits from the Carabinieri technology.
  • Jagiellonian Legacy (Jagiellon Royal House): Cost corrected to intended value of 200 Wood, Food and Coin (from 200 Wood).
  • Long Lines (II): Fixed an issue causing the Longlines tech to be available an age later than usual.
  • Water Ceremony (I): No longer benefits Mercenary Warships (such as the mighty Battleship).
  • Native Lore (I): Now makes Native technologies 20% cheaper (previously removed any Coin costs).
  • Fencing School (II): No longer boosts Warrior Priest creation speed.


  • Civilization Bonus: Now also properly improves Fire Throwers and Heavy Cannon hitpoints by +2% with each Card shipped.
  • Fire Thrower: Ranged armor reduced to 35% (from 40).
  • Fixed Gun: Is now a bit more relaxed about where it can be placed on the map (not a balance change, purely QoL); now properly contributes towards in-game score.
  • Depot: Now properly contributes towards the in-game score.
  • Commandery Wagon: Now builds faster like other Wagons.
  • German Tongue (I): Cost reduced to 450w (from 500); arrives in 40 seconds (down from 60).
  • Vittoriosa (III): Effect tweaked to: “Arrives fast! Makes Settlers and Town Centers significantly cheaper” (Was previously: “Arrives fast! Enables you to construct an additional Town Center and makes Settlers significantly cheaper”).
  • Auberges: Effect tweaked to: “Commanderies now also support population and Order Units are less expensive.” (Was previously: “Commanderies gain additional hitpoints and now also support population.”).
  • 8 Fire Throwers (III): Now ships 9 Fire Throwers.
  • Hire Irish Brigadiers (II): Now ships Irish Brigadiers with their intended stats (previously shipped an SPC variant).
  • Flintlock Rockets (IV): Now increases Sentinel stats and cost by 35% (up from 25%); charged attack damage reduced by 10%; charged attack now inflicts 0.25x to Artillery (down from 0.34x).
  • Squires (III): Military Building work rate improvement increased to 80% (from 70%).
  • Papal Bull (II): The ‘Knights of the Hospital’ tech this card unlocks now costs 1500w; but instead ships 1 Hospitaller for each Hospital (up from 1 Hospitaller for each 2 Hospitals) – this should help with the ‘start army’ in the Treaty gamemode.
  • Merchants Republics (II): Moved to age 1; no longer grants a Trading Post wagon.


  • Papal Guard: Cavalry damage multiplier increased to 3.5x (from 3x).
  • Papal Zouave: Increased ranged attack to 32 (from 21); Increase hitpoints to 300 (from 215).
  • Leonardo’s Tank: If you know how to get it, it’s a bit stronger now, but don’t tell anyone.
  • Lombard: Investment cap increased to 3000 (from 1500).
  • Basilica: Basilica shipments of Spies and Priests now take 30 seconds to arrive (down from 60).
  • Uffizi (II): Now causes Lombards to always trickles a static 0.5 xp/s when converting investments, regardless of how many resource are invested (previously trickled 0.4 xp/s for each different resource, totaling 1.2 xp/s).
  • Papal Arsenal (IV): Basilica shipment arrival speed improvement reduced to 33.33% (from 50%).
  • Advanced Politicians (I): The Advanced Governor now delivers 1 Outpost and 300 coin (changed from 2 Outposts and 200 Coin).
  • TEAM Marco Polo Voyages (I): Moved to age 2.
  • Albanian Company (III): Now delivers 3 Stradiots and 4 Bosniaks (down from 4 Stradiots and 4 Bosniaks).
  • Merchant Republics (II): Moved to age 1; no longer grants a Trading Post wagon.


  • Starting Cattle: Reduced to 3 (from 4).
  • Mountain Monastery: Cost reduced to 150w (from 170w); now gathers mines within at 0.86 resources per seconds (up from (0.72); Abun also gathers at this improved speed.
  • Sebastopol Mortar: Damage reduced to 300 in the Fortress Age (from 500); but DPS is restored to normal in the Industrial Age.
  • 4 Villagers (II): Removed from homecity


  • Starting Cattle: Reduced to 3 (from 4).
  • Shipments: Experience required for each shipment increased by +8%.
  • Griot: Noise attack rate of fire effect now reduces enemy DPS by 40% (down from 50%); improved by +1.5 area of effect by Maguzawa card (down from +2).
  • Lifidi Knight: Adjusted stats to 375 hitpoints (from 430) and 25 attack (from 22).
  • 3 Villagers (I): Added to homecity
  • 4 Villagers (II): Removed from homecity

Additional Minor Changes


  • Fixed an issue where certain human treasure guardians could not be converted using the Recruit Guardian ability
  • Reduced Fixed Gun minimum range to line up better with the decal being displayed, is now 14 (down from 18)
  • Fixed Gun no longer damages/aggros mother nature treasure guardians when shooting enemies nearby them, but can still do so if instructed to attack them
  • Hidden advanced rollover on Wall Guns card to make it less confusing
  • Military Wagon may now properly construct Commanderies
  • Fixed Gun WAGON now has slightly reduced obstruction radius so has fewer pathing issues in built up bases and areas with lots of animals
  • Fixed a bug where Commandery units had 10% extra build and kill XP applies twice (should be applied once for 10% total as they are ~10% more expensive)
  • Improved Commandery Build bounty to 70 (from 35); kill bounty adjusted accordingly
  • Italian Royalist politician now also grants Veteran and Guard upgrades for the Royal Musketeers it delivers upon reaching the Imperial Age; Advanced Politicians card now causes it to give Royal Dragoons instead
  • Knights of Malta card now properly displays a number on its icon indicating how many units will be shipped
  • Adjusted Soldado mortar charged action accordingly (same as Sentinel’s)
  • Yabusame now properly inflict x7 to Fixed Guns
  • Sanga and Zebu Cattle now properly count towards economic score
  • Cossack Daredevil Infantry: Now properly tagged as Gunpowder Infantry
  • Fixed a string error for Prize Bull card indicating it still contained 900f (now 700)
  • France: Fixed an issue where some Trading Posts failed to spawn.
  • Unknown: Fixed an issue where sometimes one player wouldn’t spawn in a 1v1.

Download free Age of Empires 3 update on PC(Steam).