Age of Conquest 4 Update 4.29.301 Patch Notes – November 16, 2021

    Age of Conquest 4 update 4.29.301 is now rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official Age of Conquest 4patch notes, the latest update added gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

    Previously, a launch day update was released with various bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

    Unfortunately, since the last major update, players are facing issues with the game. Today’s Age of Conquest 4 patch will address a few of these errors.

    What is new in today’s Age of Conquest 4 Update 2 Patch notes ?- November 16, 2021

    • Spectating: other people’s games can now be viewed once they are (1) set to publicly viewable (2) finished (3) or you have spectator permission.
    • Spectator Mode: players can now set games to publicly viewable, i.e. everyone can go and see a game being played.
    • Spectators Group: there is now a new group that once joined allows viewing games. This is designed for streamers (e.g. YouTube, Twitch etc.) that want to show games live/recorded.
    • Spectators UI: lists all the games that can be watched.
    • Renamed “Officers” Group: now called “Developers”.
    • Renamed “Managers” Group: now called “Moderators”.
    • Clan Ratings: need a minimum of 4 players to get a rating for a clan.
    • Betting Games: at least 4+ players spots are required for betting-type games.
    • UI /w Touch: long-push brings up the tooltip if there is any (for relevant buttons).
    • UI Text Animations: misc. text animations such as shine added.
    • Window Title (Windows): shows indicators for loading and active games/messages.
    • Renaming a Protectorate: this functionality has been disabled due to abuse in multiplayer games.
    • Mailbox: the topic list doesn’t “randomly” shift anymore while reading/marking messages as done.
    • Language: the game now supports both Cyrillic and Latin scripts for Serbian.
    • Language: latest translations added – Thanks 😀
    • Language: updated with latest glyph list.
    • Language: translation texts added for “Large Europe” map also.
    • Language: spelling fix for “Portuguese” (not Portugese).
    • Translation Center: making sure the line breaks match the original text.
    • Translation Center: verifying punctuations for translations also (latin).
    • Moderating: moderators can now view users in incognito games as long as they are not part of it.
    • Admin Guide: text decorations listed to help moderating.
    • Admin Guide: moderator guidelines updated how to proceed on punishment for bad language, ganging etc.
    • Maintenance: misc. code cleanup incl. ‘final’ and ‘arraycopy’.
    • Maintenance: streamlined the UI layout functionality for “min(w)” or “min(h)”.
    • Maintenance: keyboard handling updated to be consistent and correct.
    • Maintenance: directory for translations moved to ‘txt’ (to exclude it from the IDE).
    • Maintenance: compression added for future releases (map bundles).
    • Performance: 32bit and 64bit integer square root functions now run 5x-9x faster than original.
    • Deployment: ‘getdown’ auto update functionality updated to 1.8.6 (both for client & server).
    • Deployment: ‘getdown’ function updated on Mac OS to better integrate with the operating system (no splash screen but direct).
    • Server Logging: preventing non-relevant Bitronix warning to show (Transaction Manager).
    • Bugfix: clan ratings didn’t show in the listing because the time for the rating wasn’t updated (i.e. considered old an ignored).
    • Bugfix: potential bugfix for errors on desktop (multiple threads entering the render-pool only method).
    • Bugfix: making sure music is played from render thread (in-game ‘lead’ buttons).
    • Bugfix: emoticon parsing should now also work when the come just before a line break.
    • Bugfix: music when game has ended only plays 1x (the first time). It doesn’t start playing again.
    • Bugfix: relative time on Droid was wrong resulting in game time displays to be off (now using SystemClock.elapsedRealtime()).
    • Bugfix: report image popup had scaled x-axis due to inproper layout (should now always be correct proportional).
    • Bugfix: statistics were not showing if there was a ‘null’ country or language in the list.
    • Bugfix: when entering a password for a password-protected game, the wrong mouse cursor (wait-cursor) was shown.
    • Bugfix: prevent OpenGL invalid value errors if glScissor(…) had negative width.
    • Bugfix Bitset: data stored in a bitset wasn’t handled correctly resulting in bugs (e.g. fog of war vision).
    • Bugfix Crashes: when we couldn’t load files and tried to free memory (some require to be called via render-thread!)
    • Bugfix Crashes: when the language selection popup could not be opened.
    • Bugfix Crashes: when logging in and account data was not ready, i.e. ‘null’.
    • Bugfix Crashes: when login information was not available but queried (for showing the start game button).
    • Bugfix Crashes: when initial window size was still ‘0’ and we tried to divide using it.
    • Bugfix Crashes: when the window was resize too disproportional causing a too wide or tall texture buffer to be requested.
    Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson
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