Age of Conquest 4 Update 4.35.324 Patch Notes


Age of Conquest 4 update 4.35.324 is now rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official Age of Conquest 4patch notes, the latest update added Steam DLC, Hosting Games now Free, UI Improvements and bug fixes.

Previously, a launch day update was released with various bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Unfortunately, since the last major update, players are facing issues with the game. Today’s Age of Conquest 4 patch will address a few of these errors.


Age of Conquest 4 Patch notes – June 7, 2022

  • Steam DLC “All Maps & Modding”: the game can now be also purchased also via the “All Maps & Modding” DLC. This includes everything for single player including hotseat or playing against the AI. Also includes modding. This covers the same as the corresponding “All Maps & Modding” that is available in-game.
  • Hosting Games: hosting games over the official servers is now free. The original goal was to cover hosting fees but also encourage players to join other players’ games. Given hosting games is now free, giving 5 coins per day to each player isn’t really needed anymore and the amount has been reduced to 1 coin a day.
  • Official Events: there was a bug in the verification code preventing an official event game from being started (‘null’ pointer).
  • Private Messages: there is now a dropdown allowing to select how a message is to be sent. E.g. via clan or moderator etc.
  • Buying & Selling Provinces: the buttons now go with a factor of 10x (ditto sending or requesting gold).
  • Display Scaling: the display scale factor setting had the scale into the wrong direction. It’s now fixed. If you had it set before, it was reset due prevent problems. Please re-apply your setting again, sorry for the inconvenience.
  • UI: tutorial hint panels updated.
  • UI: export options for avatars and other images updated to also allow to export animated avatars in their internal format.
  • Tooltip Delay: reduced the default from 1000ms to 800ms. Also, the tooltip delay can now be adjusted inside the game’s settings.
  • Mouse Middle Button: the mouse middle button (if available; possibly “merged” with mouse wheel) allows dragging the map when pressed.
  • Key Binding: F10 will now bring up the game menu with settings & exit option when pressed in-game.
  • Formatting: {SKEW} tag now formats text in italics.
  • Manual: slight wording update to happiness penalties regarding to war (clarity).
  • Language: latest translations added – Thanks 😀
  • Language: misc. spelling bugfixes.
  • Language: improved descriptions for “All Maps & Modding” and “Modded Maps”. For “Modded Maps” you get ALL the modded maps (not just a single map). It just excludes official maps.
  • Admin Function: ID blocks now allow max. one wildcard character ‘*’.
  • Maintenance: memory consumption of RenderPool reduced (capped the cached items).
  • Steam API: update the API calls to the Steam servers from v1 to v2/v3 with support for 64bit. Potentially resolves problems?
  • Sponsoring Maps (for others): fee reduced to 99 (from 500).
  • Betting: the option now has been removed.
  • Maintenance: updated the backend libGDX library to 1.11.0 (LWJGL at 3.3.1). If you are on Mac OS X, you might have to re-install the binary if you got it (a) via or (b) our website. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Maintenance: legacy product IDs renamed from “official:#…” to “pack:# …” and “idol:# …”.
  • Droid: “uiMode” added to “configChanges” to prevent restart of app when docked or undocked.
  • Bugfix: properly disposing GUI atlas, i.e. box-selection (minor).
  • Bugfix: application not shutting down when status bar notification was turned on (desktop).
  • Bugfix: ANGLE OpenGL wrapper only used starting with Windows 8+ (to prevent problems on older operating systems).
  • Bugfix: logging in didn’t work with database eror for some users if certain data was over 64 characters (database column too small).
  • Bugfix: input field is not handling CTRL+V if image.
  • Bugfix: input field focus removed when hidden.
  • Bugfix: clan-2-clan messaging wasn’t properly working.
  • Bugfix: purchase & refund confirmation emails could results in error messages (if the email address was wrong).
  • Bugfix: we cannot declare war or send message otherwise to eliminated factions.
  • Bugfix: we cannot swap to a faction that is already eliminated (preventing endless-loop).
  • Bugfix: tooltip for awards properly reset when touch is gone (could stay visible for long-touch!).
  • Bugfix: TAB-key could change the keyboard focus preventing the map to be scrolled via ASDW and arrow keys.
  • Bugfix Crashes: when the server went down and one tried to download the latest translations (developer only one affected).
  • Bugfix Crashes: if Steam wasn’t properly setup and relevant code couldn’t be linked.
  • Bugfix Crashes: making sure UI doesn’t crash when elements are layouted while they are removed at the same time (Advanced Tutorial)