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AC Odyssey Update 1.06 Patch Notes, Read What’s New


AC Odyssey update 1.06 patch notes for PS4 and XBox One is now available for players. According to the official AC Odyssey 1.06 patch notes, the latest update has added the first story of The Lost Tales of Greece. In addition, AC Odyssey version 1.06 also added a new feature to the game to auto-craft normal arrows when enough resources are available. Apart from this, you can now access the Detailed Character’s Statistics from the inventory. The new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey update 1.06 size is around 4.1 GB on Xbox One and PS4. The PC patch will roll out with 3.6Gb size.

Previously, a big update was released with fixes and gameplay improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s AC Odyssey patch 1.06 for PS4 is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out full changelog below.

AC Odyssey Update 1.06 Patch Notes


  • The first story of The Lost Tales of Greece was added to the game.

o A category for The Lost Tales of Greece was added to Quest Log.


  • Regular Arrows Auto-Crafting

o You can now select the Arrow Auto-Crafting option for Normal arrows in your arrow quiver slot in the inventory.


o When activated, arrows will be crafted automatically when the player fires them all, if the player has sufficient resources available.

o This option can be toggled on/off at any time.

  • Detailed Character’s Statistics o You can now access the Detailed Statistics page from the inventory menu (L3).

o The Detailed Statistics page shows advanced statistics (Main Attributes, Damage, Modifiers, Active legendary perks…) to help you optimize your character.

  • AC Odyssey 1.06 improvement of the Mercenary Menu
o Unlocked ranks and associated Tier rewards are now properly showcased in the Mercenary menu.
  • Miscellaneous

o Changed successful Naval Boarding actions to immediately loot the reward resources rather than creating floating loot that must be picked up.

o The Quest and Region levels will now be consistent in the Pephka region.

o Added a horse sound when equipping horse skins.

o AC Odyssey version 1.06 added support for upcoming Epic Encounters.

Balancing in AC Odyssey 1.06

  • The economic advantages earned with the Mercenary Tiers rewards has been increased from 20% to 50%.
  • The costs to upgrade gear has been decreased.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Evie and Bayek Lieutenants from being available in the game.
  • Addressed several issues with Orichalcum Ore either being misplaced or unlootable.
  • Addressed an issue with the Kalydonian Boar that could cause arrows not to deal them any damage.
  • Addressed an issue preventing players from using arrows or javelins after fully upgrading Arrow Volleys and Javelin Throws.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the torch from being thrown when releasing the key too early.
  • Addressed an issue that caused the player to get fall damage when jumping with Pegasos from a certain height.
  • Addressed several camera issues.
  • AC Odyssey 1.06 fixed an issue that caused recruited mercenaries to remain in the Mercenary menu.
  • Addressed an bug causing players to take damage from Skoura’s Shoulder Slam when too far away.
  • Addressed an instance preventing players from parrying.
  • Fixed a bug when slowly aiming with aim assist.


  • AC Odyssey update 1.06 fixed an issue preventing players from seeing their Odyssey quest in the Quest Log after talking to Herodotos in the Serpent’s Lair quest.
  • Quest rewards for Legendary Rank will no longer be Common Rank items, as intended.
  • Addressed an issue during the Prince of Persia quest that could prevent players from completing it.
  • According to the official AC Odyssey update 1.06 patch notes, the latest update has addressed an issue with the So it Begins quest that prevented players to progress past it when they didn’t collect the introduction gear.
  • Addressed an issue during the A Pirate Life quest preventing Tekton from being dismissed.
  • [SPOILER] Addressed an bug during The Conquerer, preventing players from making a choice for Nikolaos.
  • Addressed an issue preventing players from confirming Zoisme’s death.
  • AC Odyssey patch 1.06 fixed a bug preventing players from looting Sopisatros for the quest item in the To Kill or not to Kill quest.
  • Addressed an bug during The Conqueror, where Stentor reappears kneeling after having him defeated under certain circumstances.
  • During the All Bonds Will Break quest, the helper will now be up-to-date if the conditions have already been met.
  • AC Odyssey 1.06 fixed a bug causing the The Missing Map quest to auto-complete after finishing One Man Army.
  • Addressed an bug where players who recruited Odessa could not finish the A Family Ordeal quest.
  • [SPOILER] Addressed an issue during The Contender, causing courageous NPCs to join the conflict in Pankration.
  • Addressed an issue during The Conqueror quest, rewarding players with the Sage Letter to Kallias after killing Stentor.

Performance and Stability Changes in AC Odyssey version 1.06

  • AC Odyssey version 1.06 addressed an issue that caused Athens’s architecture to load slowly.
  • Addressed various weather and water textures and display issues.
  • The game will no longer freeze when equipping the Chest Plate or Greaves of the Underworld and entering different menu tabs.
  • [PC] Addressed an issue that prevented the benchmark tool to collect data when Windows 7 is being used.


  • Fixed various clipping issues with weapons and clothing.
  • AC Odyssey 1.06 addressed various world object graphic and animation anomalies.
  • Addressed various issues with world lighting.


  • AC Odyssey update 1.06 addressed various player and NPC animations.
  • Fixed multiple instances where NPCs were apathetic, instead of participating in the fight.
  • Fixed a bug after luring an Alpha animal outside of the cave and taming it, causing the location to remain incomplete.
  • If Alpha animals are knocked out before being killed, they will now drop loot as intended.
  • Mercenary Ashen Wake, will now shoot fire arrows with Hades Bow.


  • Addressed various text display issues.
  • Addressed various subtitle sync and displays.
  • AC Odyssey patch 1.06 fixed various cinematic and transition issues.
  • Addressed multiple engraving text and icon issues.
  • Fixed a variety of UI/HUD display issues with AC Odyssey 1.06.
  • Addressed an issue that could prevent the voice-over from playing during one of the Leonidas cinematics.
  • AC Odyssey version 1.06 fixed an issue where the “Get out of conflict to interact” message remains on the screen.
  • A red filter will no longer be visible on the Pause menu when taking damage.
  • The Purchased Maps filter will now appear on the World Map.
  • [PC] Addressed various issues with the Benchmark tool.


  • The Pirate! Ubisoft Club Challenge is now working as intended.
  • The Ubisoft Club Challenge Window Shopping will now unlock after the requirements are met.


  • Naval battle quests will now restart when loading.
  • According to the official AC Odyssey 1.06 patch notes, the latest update has addressed an issue preventing players from leaving the ship if it sinks.
  • Arrows and javelins will no longer be grayed out randomly.


  • AC Odyssey 1.06 fixed an issue that caused the fire effects to appear in low quality during photo mode.
  • Addressed an bug that caused the tile and presets controls from photo mode to be visible while taking the picture.

AC Odyssey update 1.06 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.