[封灵档案] Soul Dossier Update Patch Notes – November 19, 2021

    [封灵档案] Soul Dossier update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Soul Dossier patch notes, the latest update added a new season bonus system to the game. Apart from this, the Soul Dossier patch also includes various bug fixes.

    Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Soul Dossier patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Soul Dossier Patch Notes – November 19, 2021

    [New features]

    New season bonus system

    “Season awards are available, and agents who practice hard deserve them.”

    For the S0 test season, players need to play a qualifying match, and then collect the benefits on the main screen.

    The claim conditions are:

    When you reach the mystic level, you can claim Ho Ruo Yao (Back ornament)

    Resentment spirit reached the mysterious level can receive in the Auspicious – Gossip Secrets (body)

    When you reach the primordial, you can receive the heavenly treasure box X1

    Resentment spirit reached primordial days can receive treasure box X1

    Other features Added

    1. Open training levels
    2. New in the Clan Store: He Ruoyao – Blue and White (set), Black Qi Zhi – Black Que South Flying (hair), Ling Zhengying – Dao Impermanent Potential (top), Ling Zhengying – Dao Impermanent Potential (bottom), Su Qing Carp – Dream Fan Butterfly (shoes), Ning Caichen – Fashionista (Shoes)

    Function optimization

    1. Turn off the gift function
    2. The agent cannot use the trading house and clan donation function within 3 days after the recharge of the stone (stone and items cannot be donated).
    3. In the bureau, when the paper pigeon overlaps with the door, the agent will preferentially interact with the door
    4. New items will be displayed at the top of the mall
    5. Optimized display effect of agent Yan Chixia’s weapon (back ornament)
    6. This update will refresh the rewards and reset the number of times you pull.

    Weeks from role

    Zhou Xuanling probing: Ao Feng, Qin Qiang, Ye Luo, Wu Qizhi, Ning Caichen, Ge Yongming

    Zhou avoid blame spirit: eight feet adult, Nie Xiaoqian, spoon

    New fitting rooms

    Theme treasure box: Suqing carp – fairy tales – Cute rabbit series, fragrant – gentle series

    Selected Treasure Box: Black Perch – Romantic House series

    Broken Jade treasure box: Ling Zhengying – Unique series, Shang Xiang – Star Wars Elite series, Zhiqiu Yiye – Star Wars Front series

    Point exchange: Manlin – silver hair, Manlin – pink hair

    Balance adjustment

    • Increased the firing range of thunder Sword simulation
    • Reduced the damage range of thunder Sword
    • Increased the flying range of thunder Sword
    • Reduced the cooldown of thunder Sword simulation

    The problem to repair

    • Fixed the problem that the active screen cannot be displayed
    • Fixed the problem that the contact customer service button could not be used
    • Fixed an issue where season Pass rewards could not be claimed
    • Fixed an issue where daily activity bonuses could not be claimed
    • Fixed an issue where custom rooms could not select a map
    • Fixed an issue where the exchange function would not work
    • Fixed an issue where clothes like Nie Xiaoqian – Bamboo Night Wind (weapon) performed abnormally
    • Fixed an issue where the exit button would not respond after pressing ESC on the information screen in teaching level
    • Fixed the inconsistency between the personal information interface and the main interface
    • Fixed incorrect display of maximum intimacy in profile screen
    • Fixed the wrong profile picture names of Ao Feng and Zhiqiu Yiye in the personal information interface
    • Fixed an issue where the sound would disappear when the door was opened by simulating the hengling 8 feet 2 skill
    • Fixed an issue where the agent’s sliding shovel would cause the wrong action when using the compass

    Fixed an issue where the mockingbird would not be hardened and could attack immediately when attacking an agent wearing shou Xin Jade

    • Fixed an issue where you had to reset the language every time you entered a match. The default language was English
    • Fixed an issue that caused the attack to hit the agent Jiahui in the simulation of complaining Spirit
    • Fixed an issue where repeatedly clicking ESC in the mall would cause the card store and main screen to display incorrectly
    • Fixed the inability to mark new items in matchups
    • Fixed the abnormal performance of the simulation model on the settlement page
    • Fixed an issue where different agents would add an angel icon when approaching Agent Luo Fang
    • Fixed an issue where the resolution was not displayed on the game Settings screen
    • Fixed an issue where the simulation of ghost paint – skill paint was used when there was no target without any hint
    • Fixed an issue where you could add players who were already friends to the settlement screen
    • Fixed a display error for agent Mullin and Star Lux
    • Fixed a problem with the wrong order of the members in the clan management interface
    • Fixed an issue where there were nine primordities in the ranking

    Fixed an issue in the welfare interface where novice limited packages could not receive rewards after purchasing and completing missions

    • Fixed an issue where weekly activity did not increase and weekly activity treasure boxes could not be collected after receiving daily quests
    • Fixed a problem with incorrect display of email content
    • Fixed an issue where treasure box open data was empty and no boot panel was displayed
    • Fixed an issue where the mouse could not control the camera view in matchup
    • Fixed the abnormal position of kanban woman when the mall exits to the home page
    • Fixed an issue where mocks could not hit agents at the gate
    • Fixed an issue where the candidate screen and the main screen overlapped when someone quit the candidate screen
    • Fixed an issue where alignment could not kill the soul in matchups
    • Fixed a problem with simulating the damage caused by an agent hit by the thundersword at Max Level 3
    • Fixed an issue where new items such as Yellow Duck running shoes/Thunderbolt would display their feet incorrectly when not in use
    • Fixed an issue with yellow duck running shoes that could not be opened from the item treasure box
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