Sticky Notes app 1.7.1 for Windows 10 is now available for Slow Ring members. Check out full details below.

New Sticky Notes app 1.7.1 for Windows 10:

  • All your notes will now have a new shade and added a brighter accent color for the note that’s in focus. We’ve also simplified our colors to make the app feel more uniform and a little crisper.
  • If you dismiss the update notification then we won’t be quite as eager to remind you again. But you’ll have to update it to get fewer notifications about updating.
  • Bug fixed where users getting stuck in Ink List mode after erasing all your items.
  • Fixed the bug where only 1 item was being recognized in the list.
  • Fixed the bug that was causing you to lose your last changes if you closed the note just after formatting changes or using undo.