Paladins update 1.57 (OB 70) is now rolling out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the official Paladins version 1.57 changelog, the new update has added fixes for game client bugs, and game stuttering issues. In addition, Paladins 1.57 update also includes various stability and performance improvements.

Since the launch of the latest major update, many players have been experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s patch is expected to fix all these issues. Check out full details below.

Paladins Update 1.57 Patch Notes


The Siege of Ascension Peak Event will be coming to an end in OB70.

  • The Siege of Ascension Peak event game mode will no longer be playable in OB70
  • Siege of Ascension Peak Bundles and Emotes will no longer be available in OB70
    • Bundles
      • Academic Skye Bundle
      • Demon Slayer Zhin Bundle
      • Jade Priestess Seris Bundle
    • Emotes
      • Strix – Bold Bird
      • Maeve – Cutting Shapes
      • Androxus – Dab
  • Soul Eater Jenos will never be available again after OB69 ends
  • If you unlocked a Crest, but did not use it to claim a Roaming Emote, you will be awarded a Roaming Emote.
  • Fixes for lag and stuttering issue.
  • Added performance and stability improvements.
  • Various other minor changes.

New Store Options

Our beta-exclusive Founder’s Pack will be leaving the store with OB70. Replacing it will be three new bundles: The Champions Pack, the Season Pass, and the Digital Deluxe Edition.

  • Founder’s Pack

    • Leaving the store in OB70
  • Champions Pack

    • $29.99
    • Includes:
      • All current and future Champions
  • Season Pass 2018

    • $39.99
    • Includes
      • 1,500 Crystals
      • 2018 Battle Pass 1
      • 2018 Battle Pass 2 (To be released July 2018)
      • 2018 Battle Pass 3 (To be released November 2018)
  • Digital Deluxe Edition

    • $59.99
    • Includes
      • Season Pass 2018
      • Champions Pack


Viktor Visual Rework

  • The former commander of the Sentinels is receiving a visual overhaul this patch.


  • New presentation for Title screen and Main menu – Your welcome to the Realm has never looked better!


  • Continuing on the work from OB69, Sprays are now a Global Equip which can be accessed from your profile page.

VIP Program

  • As detailed in OB69 Patch Notes, VIP will be replaced by the Battle Pass in OB70.

End of match lobby changes

  • Our end of Match Lobby has received a visual overhaul.


With the introduction of Battle Pass we will be making some slight changes to our existing quest system.

  • Removed the Champion’s Quest
    • The Gold Chest reward will now be obtainable as a free reward in the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass free rewards track will also include a Diamond Chest!
  • Daily Quests now reward Battle Pass Experience instead of VIP Points.
  • Removed consecutive login bonus on Daily Quests.
    • Quest rewards will now scale based on Battle Pass level.


NEW Skins

  • Androxus – Huntsman Skin

Paladins Strike Skins

Want to play Paladins on the go? Paladins Strike puts the Champions you know and love in the palm of your hand. Experience the same abilities and gameplay from a new, top-down perspective that’s perfect for mobile. Paladins Strike is currently available on Android and iOS in a small group of countries, and will soon be available worldwide!

  • Maeve – Strike Skin
  • Lex – Covert Ops
    • After Downloading Paladins Strikeand linking your Hi-Rez Account, collect 1500 Crystals in Paladins Strike to unlock the Lex Covert Ops Skin in Paladins!  Players can complete the requirements now, Covert Ops Lex will be added in a future update.
  • Avatar and Title
    • Link your account and win 25 Strike matches in Siege or Summons to unlock the “Heavenly Striker” title and the Strike Avatar in Paladins.

Golden Weapons

Players can now permanently unlock Golden Weapons by reaching Champion Mastery 50.

NEW Esports Chest

We’re introducing a new Esports Chest! Fans of Paladins Esports will be able to obtain this by watching various streams such as the Paladins Premier League, Global Series, and Console Series. Be sure to check out our Esports Website

for up to date details on all Paladins Esports!

  • Chest Contents:
    • Uncommon and Common Champion Skins
    • Battle Pass Experience
    • Raynday, PrettyHair, and LeTigress Esports Announcer Packs


  • All Skin Art and Card Sprays are now unobtainable and exclusive to Paladins Beta Players

Experience Paladins like never before with the Battle Pass! Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 60 more just by leveling up. All players start earning Battle Pass experience in OB70, leveling up from 1 to 50.

Battle Pass members will unlock a reward every level, and also unlock the rewards along the free track as well!

The Paladins Battle Pass costs 500 Crystals, and rewards you just for playing.

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

  • Legendary “Mecha Prowler” Mount
  • Limited “Full Metal” Animated Loading Frame
  • Limited “Terminating” Animated Avatar
  • 50% Boost for the duration of Battle Pass
    • Battle Pass Experience
    • Account Experience
    • Champion Experience
    • Gold Earned

Free Rewards

Players who do not purchase the Battle Pass are still able to collect free rewards such as Gold and Diamond chests while leveling up (Battle Pass members will receive both!) If you decide to purchase the Battle Pass later, you will retroactively receive all the rewards up to your current Battle Pass Level.


  • Removed the remaining propaganda posters and war props from the maps.
  • Ascension Peak
    • Removed a ladder from scrolls
    • Fixed multiple collision errors with level boundaries.
    • Fixed a “Hall of Mirrors” visual bug with the Well map hazard.
  • Brightmarsh
    • Visual touch-up
  • Fish Market
    • Removed clutter props to improve performance.
    • Mirrored the crates around the objective.
    • Removed crates that falsely suggested players might be able to jump up.
    • Added a crate to fill a gap where some characters could not fit.
    • Adjusted lighting at the end push.
  • Frog Isle
    • Cliffside rocks are now mirrored.
  • Magistrate’s Archive
    • Fixed a hole in the collision that allowed some characters to escape the map.
  • Primal Court
    • Visual touch-up.
  • Serpent Beach
    • Reduced level-boundary foliage to improve performance.
  • Stone Keep
    • Removed a lattice to make it easier to read enemy silhouettes against a wall.



  • Khan

    • Fixed an issue with Commander’s Grab where Khan would continue to dash past an enemy after hitting them.


  • Drogoz

    • Rocket Launcher
      • Increased Projectile speed
  • Khan

    • Heavy Repeater
      • Increased damage 180 ➡️200
      • Reduced Damage Fall-off
    • Bulwark
      • Now activates instantly
    • Commander’s Grab
      • Reduced Lock-out time after throw
  • Jenos

    • Talents
      • Luminary
        • Removed 15% Weapon Damage buff to self
  • Pip

    • Cards
      • Gift Giver
        • Reduced Healing Received Scaling {30|30}% ➡️{20|20}%
      • Medicinal Excellence
        • Reduced Radius Increase Scaling {10|10}% ➡️{8|8}%
  • Ruckus

    • Abilities
      • Emitter
        • Removed 10% Slow
    • Cards
      • Proximity
        • Reduced Damage Reduction {4|4}% ➡️{3|3}%
        • Reduced Duration of Damage Reduction 3s ➡️2s
      • Metal March
        • Reduced Damage Reduction {5|5}% ➡️{3|3}%
        • Reduced Duration of Damage Reduction 3s ➡️2s
  • Strix

    • Cards
      • Overburn
        • Flare’s reveal effect lasts an additional {1|1}s ➡️{0.6|0.6}s
  • Tyra

    • Auto Rifle
      • Reduced Recoil
      • Reduced Damage Fall-off
    • Nade Launcher
      • No Longer has Projectile Drop

Bug Fixes

  • [Console] Fixed an issue where players who were not in a party would sometimes be considered in one. This prevented them from queueing as they were not a party leader.
  • Fixed an issue where Khan’s title was displaying as Khan instead of Primus of House Aico.
  • Various localization cleanups in the User Interface.

Check your game update and download the latest Paladins update 1.57.