Paladins Update 1.44 (OB64+OB65) is now available for PS4 and Xbox One users. According to the official Paladins 1.44 patch notes, the new update includes new Champion Moji and friends. In addition, the update also added Team Deathmatch game mode and New TDM Map: Trade District. Check out more details below.

Paladins Update 1.44 Changelog


  • Reward Claims
    • The Profile screen shows Account Linking status. Players can currently link their Hi-Rez account to Twitch and/or Facebook
    • The Profile screen allows user to Claim rewards from partner promotions such as viewer drops
  • Pop-up for Primal Prowler Cat Mount
    • Upon login user will see popup announcing the new cat mount and how it can be freely obtained


  • Paladins Update 1.44 addressed an issue where some players Daily Quest would no longer progress
  • Fixed some players getting two of the same Daily Quests
  • Paladins version 1.44 Fixed an audio issue with Shatterfall
  • Fixed an unintended side effect of healing when dying
  • Fixed a visual issue with Immovable Object values not match the description
  • Paladins Update 1.43 fixed Social menu not updating in real time (i.e. party and friend invites)
  • Time to open another Chest has been reduced.
Paladins 1.44 update ps4 patch ntoes
Paladins 1.44 update ps4 patch notes


  • New Game Mode: Team Deathmatch
    • The latest Paladins Update 1.43 adds Team Deathmatch as our newest game mode. The first team to reach 40 kills will win the game. The Team Deathmatch queue will consist of 3 maps. Trade District is a new map featuring rotational spawns, so the battle will flow throughout the map. Magistrate’s Archives and Foreman’s Rise will put players in head to head combat fighting from spawn to spawn.
  • Payload has been removed from the game
    • In cycling in new game modes we cycle out less popular modes to keep queues popping quickly. Payload has been the least played game mode for a while and was also confirmed as the least popular gamemode via the December player survey


  • New TDM Map: Trade District
    • “In this brand new map, Trade District, the Champions of the Realm will once again battle in the shadow of the Magistrate’s Stone Keep. Usually bustling with trade and commerce from around the Realm the streets of this city center are now filled with the ongoing conflict between the Paladins and the Magistrate’s forces.”

Full Paladins 1.43 Update OB64 and OB65 Patch Notes are available here and here.

Check your game update and download latest Paladins Update 1.43 (OB64+OB65) on PS4 and Xbox One.