Paladins Update 1.46 is now available for PlayStation 4 users. According to the official Paladins 1.46 patch notes, the new update includes minor changes and fixes. In addition, the Paladins version 1.46 has added new options – Aim Assist Magnet Strength and Aim Assist Friction Strength. Check out more details below.

Recently, a big Paladins (OB64+OB65) update was released on PS4 and Xbox One with a new Champion Moji and friends. In addition, the update also added Team Deathmatch game mode and a new TDM Map: Trade District. You can read more details about the update here.

Paladins 1.46 Changelogs

Controller changes [CONSOLE ONLY]

  • Major updates to Turn Acceleration and Aim Assist.
  • New default settings for sensitivity, turn acceleration strength and turn acceleration mode (this has been updated for all existing players as well).
  • Paladins Update 1.46 added New Options: Aim Assist Magnet Strength and Aim Assist Friction Strength.

Bug fixes [PC & Console]

  • Fixed an issue with Evie Blink sometimes delaying teleport.
  • Paladins version 1.46 fixed an issue where Ruckus Miniguns would pause firing while using Missile Launcher.

Check your game update and download latest Paladins 1.46 patch on your PS4.