NBA Live 18 update 1.12 is now available for download. However, the official NBA Live 18 1.12 changelog is not available yet. We can expect various bug fixes and improvements as well as a roster update with this new patch. Previously, update 1.11 was released with All-Star updates and other changes. Check out more details below.

Inside Shot Tuning:

  • Tuned the distance of what makes a shot “contested” near the rim. The end result is a reduced success rate for contested shots at the rim.

Anklebreaker Tuning:

  • Fixed an issue where a second off-ball defender could get their ankles broken. Also, reduced the chance of anklebreakers for the on-ball defender.

All-Star Update

  • All-Star Court
  • All-Star Jerseys
  • All-Star Teams
  • Teams still referred to as East and West instead of Team Stephen and Team LeBron due to design call to keep Franchise Mode from displaying wildly inaccurate team names
  • A number of smaller bug fixes.

We’ll update the article with the official NBA Live 18 version 1.12 changelog as soon as it goes online.

Meanwhile, check your game update and download the latest NBA Live 18 update 1.12.