Madden 19 update 1.16 is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. According to the Madden 19 1.16 changelog, the new Madden December update has added three additional Cover 3 logic, Ice the Kicker improvements, defensive AI play calling update, and more. In addition, the latest Madden 19 version 1.16 also resolves issues related to stuttering/lag, game crashing, framerate drop, and glitches..

Previously, a big November update was released with various changes and improvements. However, many players are still experiencing a number of problems when trying to play the game. Today’s Madden 19 version 1.16 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

Madden 19 Update 1.16 Changelog 


  • Additional Cover 3 logic
  • Ice the Kicker improvements
  • Defensive AI play calling update


  • Return of the Franchise Player-lock Camera

Madden Ultimate Team

  • Madden 19 update 1.16 added Play-a-Friend to MUT Squads via password matchmaking

Change Log

  • General stability improvements

Franchise Updates

  • Re-implemented previous version of Franchise Player-lock Camera
  • Addressed a save file crash
  • Madden 19 patch 1.16 fixed an issue where some players were missing Career Stats data
  • Madden 19 1.16 addressed an issue where Supersim could become stuck after a CPU player timeout
  • Addressed an issue with mouse selection not functioning throughout the Customize Your Season flow, after continuing from a Play Now game

Gameplay Updates


  • Madden 19 1.16 updated defensive play call AI for CPU-controlled teams
  • Addressed an issue causing defenders to sometimes line up offsides during no-huddle offense


  • Madden 19 version 1.16 increased fumble chance when hit with a Hit Stick tackle during a steerable spin ball carrier move – this applies to all Game Styles and difficulty levels
  • Fixed an issue causing a fumble when the QB would break a sack during the throw animation – the ball will now be released and will result in an incomplete pass

Special Teams

  • Added logic for Ice the Kicker so that when the kicker is iced by the opponent, the iced state will remain intact for the remainder of that drive
  • Madden 19 patch 1.16 added logic for Field Goal blocks to prevent players from spamming the Off the Line mechanic on RT/R2 to achieve a perfect jump on the snap; mistiming the button press will result in an early jump animation, a stamina penalty to that player, and possibly an offsides penalty – this new logic applies to all Game Styles and difficulty levels

Pass Coverage

  • Pass Coverage
  • Fixed an issue with Cover 3 Match where the outside third defender didn’t always convert to man coverage against certain vertical routes
  • Madden 19 update 1.16 added logic for Cover 3 Match to prevent the Hook-Curl defender from converting to man coverage on receivers running short crossing routes
  • Added logic for Cover 3 Match for the Seam Flat defender to search for and quickly match routes going to the flats after the Hook-Curl defender avoids matching
  • Madden 19 patch 1.16 added logic for the Seam Flat defender in Cover 3 to match wheel routes
  • Tuned Cover 3 Match to speed up the reaction of the Hook-Curl defender when the #3 receiver to his side runs a route to the flat underneath two vertical routes
  • Fixed an issue in Cover 4 Quarters to properly cover the inside-most receiver vs. Hail Mary Trio

Other fixes in Madden 19 1.16


  • Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause an RB hot routed to pass block on play-action plays to run past the line of scrimmage before entering his pass block assignment

PC Updates

  • Fixed an incorrect button prompt for the Open-field celebration mechanic in Skills Trainer

Madden Ultimate Team Updates

  • Added the ability to play Squads vs. Friends
  • Added fixes for crashing issues with Madden 19 version 1.16.
  • Madden 19 1.16 added stuttering and lag fixes.
  • Fixed framerate drop issues.
  • Various performance and stability improvements.
  • Added fixes for glitches with Madden 19 1.16.
  • Added minor bug fixes and changes.

Madden 19 update 1.16 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for download.