God Of War 1.24 update is now rolling out on PlayStation 4. According to the official God Of War update 1.24 patch notes, the new update comes with fixes for crashing and stuttering/lag. In addition, God Of War version 1.24 also includes performance and stability improvements. Since the release, many players have been experiencing stuttering and lag issues when trying to play the game. The game devs have acknowledged these problems and they are constantly working on it.

Previously, Sony’s Santa Monica Studio released update 1.22 which increased the Text Size globally and allowed further increases via the slider under Accessibility. Apart from this, a new mapping option was also made available for triggering Rage Mode.

God of War update 1.24 Patch Notes

  • Added fixes for crashing and stuttering/lag.
  • God Of War 1.24 added various stability and performance improvements.

God Of War version 1.24 update will gradually roll out to everyone. It might take some time to show up on your console.

Check your game update and download the latest God Of War update 1.24.