Update: Fortnite 1.45 Patch Notes are now available here.

Fortnite Update 1.45 (3.1.0) for PS4, Xbox One, and PC is now available for download. Unfortinaly, the official Fortnite 1.45 patch notes is now available yet. However, the new patch is expected to include new changes and improvements. In addition, Fortnite version 1.45 also includes various bug fixes. The update size is around 1.03GB on PS4.

Previously, big update 3.0.0 was released with Lunar New Year event for Save the World players. In addition, the patch also added 60 FPS support on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X.

Epic Games also released some new cosmetic items, such as emotes, loading screens, outfits and Back Blings. The Back Blings is a new cosmetic slot in your locker that lets you customize the back torso of any outfit.

You can acquire Back Bling from the store or Battle Pass to permanently own and turn on and off as you wish. In addition, new features like Turbo Building, Automatic Material Swapping, Build Through Stuff, Switching Building Pieces (Battle Royale only) now added to the game.

We’ll update the article as soon as Fortnite 1.45 patch notes go online. Meanwhile, check your game update and download latest the latest Fortnite update 1.45 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.