For Honor update 1.27 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is now available for download. According to the official For Honor 1.27 patch notes, the new update comes with various matchmaking fixes. The patch has added more granularity to our relaxation parameters for Skills and Reputation. In addition, For Honor version 1.27 comes with various bug fixes and improvements.

According to the game developers, while it comes with the design of the Visual Collection features to apply a fee when you do cross-rarity update, we have decided to reduce that fee based on community feedback.

For Honor Update 1.27 Patch Notes


  • The Event Gear Flat fee was abnormally high and unintended
  • Some typos were found on Refined Gear prices
  • We also took this opportunity to look back at some prices after the community feedback and do some updates
  • Reduced cost from the Event Gear fee from 750 steel to 300 steel on all Rarity levels
  • Reduced costs of changing the look from Refined Gear Qualities 1 and 2 from 1000 steel to 500 steel
  • Reduced costs of crafting a Refined Gear Quality 1 from 1000 steel to 650 steel
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the refined gear upgrade costs to be higher than it was supposed to
  • General Reduction of the Visual Collection Fee costs: From 250 steel to 150 steel per rarity skipped.


  • Fee for going from Common weapon to Rare now costs 150 steel
  • Fee for going from Common weapon to Heroic now costs 300 steel
  • Fee for going from Common weapon to Epic now costs 450 steel (sum of all rarities above)
  • Fee for going from Common weapon to Legendary now costs 900 (sum of all rarities above)
  • Fee is still applied on top of the regular Change Look prices of the gear level. Example: Applying a Common weapon look to a Rare weapon level 8 costs 150 steel (Fee) + the cost of upgrading a level 8 weapon (170) = 320 steel.


  • [Improvement] For Honor update 1.27 added more granularity to our relaxation parameters for Skills and Reputation


  • [Bug Fix] For Honor version 1.27 fixed an issue that caused the player statistics to do not be displayed.


  • [Bug Fix] For Honor 1.27 addressed an issue that caused all activities to display “Low Activity”. Please note this only fixes the PvP activities, PvAI activities will still display “Low Activity”.

Check your game update and download the latest For Honor update 1.27.