ARK Update 1.73 is now rolling out for PS4 players. According to the official ARK 1.73 patch notes, the new ARK Survival Evolved 1.73 update includes fixes for crashing and stuttering/lag issues. Additionally, the ARK version 1.73 also contains various stability and performance improvements. Check out more details here.

Previously, a big update was released with ARKaeology Event. Unfortunately, since the release, many players were experiencing a number of performance issues. Today’s ARK patch 1.73 is expected to fix all these errors.

ARK Update 1.73 Patch Notes for PS4

  • Fixed the Prim Plus crash which occurs when a wild argent dies.
  • ARK version 1.73 fixed crashing issues.
  • Added performance and stability improvements.
  • ARK 1.73 fixes for the server that caused connection issues.

ARK update 1.73 on PS4 is now available for download.