ARK update 1.61 for PS4 will soon roll out for players. According to the ARK 1.61 patch notes, some players are facing problems like the sandy-frame on the edges of my screen as well as missing underwater visual effect after upgrading to the recently released ARK Survival Evolved patch. The latest ARK version 1.61 update will fix both of these issues.

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ARK Version 1.61 PS4 Patch Notes (2)
ARK Version 1.61 for PS4

ARK update 1.61 Patch Notes

  • Fixed the sandy-frame on the edges of my screen.
  • Fixed missing visual effects.
  • ARK 1.61 also fixed other minor issues.

Recently, a major Ragnarok Map update 1.59 and a minor update 1.60 was released for PlayStation 4 users. Also, the ARK update 770 for Xbox One(Ragnarok Map update) will roll out later this month.

ARK 1.61 Patch Notes
ARK 1.61 Patch Notes

Check your game update and download the latest ARK update 1.61 on PS4.